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  1. OnSceneReporter

    Pay for Forum Features?

    I'm still quite new to the xenforo scene. I know that it is possible for forum members to pay for forum features like editing their own custom titles, sparkly username, more inbox space, and more. I'm wondering what types of addons can facilitate stuff like this? Not asking for you to...
  2. OnSceneReporter

    Display A Node Like Root?

    Hello, our gaming community is looking to expand the subjects it covers. Right now, we use Nodes as Tabs to easily organize some links as tabs. Right now, I am planning on making that tab link to a Forum node, that has other forum nodes inside. This way, Part B of the gaming community can go to...
  3. OnSceneReporter

    XF 1.4 Accidentally Deleted a Forum Section

    Well, I feel like a silly goose. I accidentally deleted a forum section. I am looking for how to restore it, or find all the threads, posts, and what not, and move them to a new forum section. I am not terribly familiar with what to do, and it will likely need the attention of our developer, but...