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  1. Ra

    Spam IDs & their spam threads - how to delete altogether?

    Having 500 spambots registered - how to delete them all via administrative panel? I currently have to delete them one by one - that means reloaded page every time and searches again. After an hour of such a battle I defeat. How to mark all the spambots in the ID list and delete them in one step...
  2. Ra

    Facebook pics repost?

    Is it possible to make an automatic repost of the forum pictures, when users create a topic and puts a shot as a title picture in his topic, to the Facebook fans page? That seems to be the most effective traffic attraction method for the new forums. e.g. XenPortal takes the main picture in the...
  3. Ra

    [Paid] Classifieds

    Task: Classifieds script bridged to Xenforo Means: any except illegal or pet kill Planned: 10'000 visitors daily Language: English + preparation to future place other languages as translation files Basic description: The board of classifieds for the used machinery must contain specific fields...
  4. Ra

    Facepalm smilies in the basic set - do we need it?))

    I vote - yes))
  5. Ra

    Forum business: how to's

    Well, I was inspired by the message nearby "how to sell forum") I was just thinking many people are new to the F-business so any advice and tips and tricks would be much helpful. For instance, what forum price evaluation tools do you use? How do you earn with your forum? Did you invest a lot? Do...
  6. Ra

    Duplicate  "What's New?" option for search results

    Normally, when I visit the forum I just push the "What's New?" button. And then have to read through the tons of the fantastically uninteresting stuff like "bmw strange noise" or "bad smell of my dog" topics. After 5 minutes my eyes start sending me pain signals meaning stop looking through all...
  7. Ra

    How to use both recapcha and q&a feature?

    I ve noticed that recapcha does not set me free of the spambots. But normally question makes robots stupidly stuck. How to activate both functions?
  8. Ra

    Fixed  A sort of bug: added smilies list stretches down to hell

    I added some testing smilies and found that the list of smilies drops down to infinity. Logically I'd say they must be arranging to the side automatically. Imagine 50 smilies and 100cm scrolling down for 5 minutes :D.
  9. Ra

    How to merge header and body background

    and preserve background modification through the body settings in admin three more things: 1 how to turn off repeat of the bg picture 2 how to make bg picture resizable in width 1920-to-iphone size 3 how to auto add fog below the bg picture if the forum stretches down farther than the size of...
  10. Ra

    Censor - how to upload the whole list of swears?

    That's impossible for Russians - we've got 5-15 endings for each bad word. That means you have to multiply words quantity 15 times. You would need several days to enter them all word by word. Just a scratch, look:
  11. Ra

    Can't post & view anymore - help

    I could not log in under my nick when buying licences. I had to re-register under my personal name to buy. Now, I can't post or view anything in the forum except this thread under my original nick. But I want to use my nick further.
  12. Ra

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Like/Unlike vs. +1/-1

    We've just been discussing how to translate Like/Unlike to Russian. Hm, any version sounds not good or consists of too many letters to be a button and Unlike is really impossible for a translation less than of two words. I guess many localizations will surely stuck at this point. Meanwhile "+1"...
  13. Ra

    Not a bug  About settings of the time intervals

    The following error occurred: You must wait at least 4 seconds before performing this action. --- omg, when I see a "quotes" button... )) aaaa --- The message arreared when I did a simple thing: pushed "reply" and wrote a 2 words sentence ("we too"). I cannot type professionally, I...
  14. Ra

    Browser issue  Cannot remove text formatting totally

    Just made a message via the quick reply field and copied some formatted text there. Highlighted the whole text and pushed "remove formatting" button. The whole text got exactly to the forum style. But whatever I am typing after that text gets the deleted formatting. I tried to "remove...
  15. Ra

    Lack of interest Some sort of geography..

    Well it was after another thinking over a vb functionality.. Whatever direction is your community many people use your forum to chat with each other. If your forum gathers people from many places and they know each other a bit more they would certainly come to a decision to meet somewhere and...
  16. Ra

    Implemented Never split words in buttons

    Following my mind flood after my nickname Ra was cured by Kier. Most of the languages have endings even English but it was shortened by the time. That is one of the important things that is missed by the English-speaking developers. If they have 2 words, e.g. "post" and "a thread", they use the...
  17. Ra

    Allow user names of 2 letters

    This is the common problem for me exactly at all VB forums - but this one seems to be different? Anyway, again I've had to add some fantastic ending to my 10-year old nick when registered here. Strange, but phpbb owners do not make me disfigure my perfect alias.. You have just to put "minimum 2...