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  1. Lucas - 3rd generation Toyota Tacomas

    Wish I had one! Maybe in the future. Loving the style and the color chooser.
  2. Lucas

    Spanish language

    The current translations for Spanish available are paid only. I am still figuring out whether I'll do the same (but cheaper) or share it for free with an option to remove the copyright for a fee.
  3. Lucas

    Start a forum in year 2017? Are you crazy?!

    If you are not going to provide original and valuable content, then I believe there is no point in opening a forum. If you open it for people to "discuss" what they like, they will never do. People only participate where they feel comfortable and are likely to share their thoughts with...
  4. Lucas

    XenForo Idioma Español

    I will be posting an updated version for XenForo 2.0 soon. Currently being translated at:
  5. Lucas

    A Good Alternative to Notepad++

    What are the advantages of Atom vs Sublime? Anyone with some experience?
  6. Lucas

    Anyone tried out the open source live chat software Rocket Chat?

    They should have a demo account to check the app, I really would like to see it and don't think I should have to create an account to do so. Oh well.
  7. Lucas

    XenForo 2.0 Discussion!

    I feel like a kid. When is the beta coming out? :love:
  8. Lucas

    What is the best way for a non-techie to get a business website?

    This. WordPress itself is not bad. The big marketshare it has and the huge amount of outdated or rushed plugins to make a few bucks is what makes it dangerous. I host several big WP websites from Costa Rica and most problems are usually related to a plugin or a theme.
  9. Lucas

    XenForo 2.0 Discussion!

    I love how quickly you guys reacted to the changes in modern online communities. It's feeling fantastic!
  10. Lucas

    New iMacs seem to be awesome

    I am grabbing myself an MBP 15" 2016 with an eGPU. There is a 20% loss of performance but I do not want to invest in a full computer and have a tower taking space. Fantastic solution! There's several enclosures and companies throwing out complete eGPU solutions. We will see how it goes!
  11. Lucas

    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Loving every part of XF2!
  12. Lucas

    Implemented Phrase editing interface overhaul

    Love the idea. While I am happy with what Kier just showed us, if there is time, something like this would definitely make translating a much quicker process, and time is money.
  13. Lucas

    Need advice on hosting

    Some providers enable Ghost with Softaculous (we did!) and it's actually pretty easy to use. I don't think you need a VPS to get started, unless you want to put time into configuring and maintaining it. Try asking at hosts such as or, I have used them in the past and...
  14. Lucas

    Recommendations for Hosting Service for XenForo?

    There's plenty of hosts to work with. I would just try to avoid EIG brands (, there are great players in the market. You don't necessarily need a VPS at all, you can go for a simple shared hosting. Check your options at...
  15. Lucas

    Back/next button when editing phrases and remember page after editing phrase

    As per the thread suggestion I made here ( with no official feedback, I thought it might be a better idea to bring it here and have the community support it. Is there any chance we could see it in the future?
  16. Lucas

    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Looking so forward to the navigation manager. To me that has got to be like the best feature. With that you you can easily build a site with the default XenForo installation.
  17. Lucas

    Political Hope?

    The problem with politics is that they are run by lobbyists who are usually banks, big corporations, etc. People still believe that you have a choice by voting in any of those two parties and to be honest they are pretty much the same. It is basically a game. It will change once the population...
  18. Lucas

    Developer Review: DivisionByZero

    Seems sketchy. You were tagged several times.
  19. Lucas

    Anandtech migrating to XenForo

    I can just imagine the relief on their servers, that is enough to switch and just keep the default theme, lol!