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  1. Golden Falcon

    Add-on RSS Feed with Images in Sidebar?

    I PMed @AndyB a few weeks ago and he also expressed interest in doing something like this. Essentially I'm looking for just that as well. Want to display the image, and title, of my most recent WordPress posts.
  2. Golden Falcon


    Is it possible to put this in the sidebar as widget?
  3. Golden Falcon

    UI.X [Paid]

    Oh sorry. I have this addon here: Gamer Profiles and when I enable collapsing postbit, that information disappears: - Disabled: - Enabled:
  4. Golden Falcon

    UI.X [Paid]

    Oh I gotcha. Well bummer. I hope that they add an ability to just hide the postbit, then expand, instead of stripping it, hide it, then expand.
  5. Golden Falcon

    UI.X [Paid]

    Are those the new features? Sliding extra hides postbit information such as this one for me: Gamer Profiles
  6. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.4 Display votes publicly after a Poll is posted

    That's also a good solution. Or if it's possible to move that option higher up in the view, or make it bigger and easier to spot.
  7. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.4 Display votes publicly after a Poll is posted

    I can see why that could be seen as a valid reason, but I don't believe it should be like this for future updates. Especially when users are using this feature and they didn't realize that they could have turned that on before they created it. If someone in retrospect wants it to be a public...
  8. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.4 Display votes publicly after a Poll is posted

    When I create a poll, I see there's an option to "Display votes publicly." However when I edit an already posted poll, I don't have the option to turn this on. I can only turn it on once when I create the poll. Is there a fix for this?
  9. Golden Falcon

    Gamer Profiles -

    @Steve F: Is it possible to split the Battlefield 4 and Origins to be in separate filed in areas in a future update? If you hide the BF4 icon in CSS, the icon spacing gets messed up a bit, because the parent <li> tag still remains. Also there are users who just have Origins but don't have BF4...
  10. Golden Falcon

    Game Servers [Deleted]

    @ceribik: Do you have any plans on expanding Mumble support to show rooms and people in them for example? Just curious :D
  11. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.5 Two-Step Verification and Security Improvements

    WOW Huge fan of 2-step auth. I use it on my google account all the time. Need XF 1.5 being released now! Hooray!
  12. Golden Falcon

    Gamer Profiles -

    You can just replace all instances of the background-images with your URL instead of mine. I'm using gfBlizzardUserProfile instead of blizzardUserProfile just in case if @Steve F does an update and adds Blizzard officially. I like putting a different css name so I can track it better when...
  13. Golden Falcon

    Gamer Profiles -

    @Xyphien: Gotcha. You can check mine over here: Profile: Post: For pop-up name, just click on someone's name. For contact details it works too (but...
  14. Golden Falcon

    Gamer Profiles -

    Why are you using the game sprite? There is no battle net icon there. You'll need to upload your own!
  15. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.5 Miscellaneous improvements

    Disabling addons globally is great!
  16. Golden Falcon

    Gamer Profiles -

    @Steve F: Yup, that worked perfectly, thanks! @Xyphien: You need a space in that code, between the dots: .customFieldEditbattlenet.gamerIcon should be .customFieldEditbattlenet .gamerIcon
  17. Golden Falcon

    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    Hi, When installing this add-on: - Since it's a premium one, you have to do it the old school way. But when you try to do the XML it has this error: Note: I just shut off Add-on install and upgrade, and it worked fine. Then turned it...
  18. Golden Falcon

    Add-on Mailchimp Integration (with Sync) besides *******

    Hi, Is anyone in the process of making a Mailchimp integration like the one ******* used to have? I know ******* still sells their mods on his own site. But I just don't trust them. All I need it to do is be synced up, and have a question of yes or no on the forums somewhere when they sign up...
  19. Golden Falcon

    Gamer Profiles -

    Hi @Steve F - Can you please point me to where this template is? Thanks!
  20. Golden Falcon

    #Rekt - With Custom Homepage! [Paid]

    Hey @Mike Creuzer. Amazing theme! I think this is the best theme Audentio has ever done. Before I buy though I have some questions. 1. How flexible are the navigations? Is it possible to move the forum menus and user navigation lower down? Also I'd like to probably align them to left. The...