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  1. sonaya

    XF 1.3 hyperlink

    thanks good idea
  2. sonaya

    XF 1.3 any body help
  3. sonaya

    XF 1.3 hyperlink

  4. sonaya

    XF 1.3 hyperlink

    i dont understand
  5. sonaya

    XF 1.3 hyperlink

    plz example
  6. sonaya

    XF 1.3 hyperlink

    helo sir what i make any link in hyperlink i:e ( link )download (link)
  7. sonaya

    XF 1.3 contact us

  8. sonaya

    XF 1.3 contact us

    my web site contact button is not working when every body contact me then i weill not recieve their mail plz solve this .
  9. sonaya

    XF 1.3 registration page

    hello sir , i want chage my registration page detail i want long description forum on registration exp. contact ,place . country ,state etc. can u help about this plz don't ignore.
  10. sonaya

    Advanced Notice or Alert: "if user posted in a specific section"

    i also want this addon .plz try this solution .
  11. sonaya

    XF 1.3 contact

    i m not understand about this its not solved plz tell me full .
  12. sonaya

    XF 1.3 contact

    i want change contact detail (mail ) in navbar .plz detail me how to change contact email t;e when every body contact me then press contact us button then he,she wrote any or send me my email . hgow tho chane this email id.
  13. sonaya

    XF 1.3 spamming

    hello i want stop spamming in my forum how i will do this .plz tell m4in simple language.
  14. sonaya

    XF 1.3 registration failed

    problem solved thanks
  15. sonaya

    XF 1.3 registration failed

    more addon installed but is this any connection
  16. sonaya

    XF 1.3 registration failed

    when i register my own site then he,s showing error take this plz give me solution i m in trouble.
  17. sonaya

    hello when i new registratin i have showing come error plz check this my web is...

    hello when i new registratin i have showing come error plz check this my web is plz reply
  18. sonaya

    XF 1.3 how to change menu item language

    like that : Home Forums Mark Forums Read Search Forums Watched Forums Watched Threads New Posts .
  19. sonaya

    XF 1.1 how i use facebook integration

    hello friends anybody tell me for this service with facebook id any member.
  20. sonaya

    XF 1.2 registration email

    ya i also have