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  1. Darren Gordon

    Renewing soon, have the extension already added?

    Doh, just realised 255 is the number of days since 1.1.3 was released and the extension was announced (y) (probably obvious to everyone else!)
  2. Darren Gordon

    Slide, Jump, Block... Bonk!

    Slide, Jump, Block... Bonk!
  3. Darren Gordon

    California Case Update

    Additional (y) for Michael K. Grace and Pamela D. Deitchle.
  4. Darren Gordon

    Check If Model Exists and is Valid?

    If you don't want to instantiate your model and run it's constructor/deconstructor you can do this: $isPremium = false; // check that the class exists if (class_exists('EWRmedio_Model_Premium')) { // create a reflection class to examine the class $reflection = new...
  5. Darren Gordon

    FireTemplate Template Debugger

    Uploaded a final 1.0.0. Changes introduced in Beta 3 means that no hacking is required. Just install and use :)
  6. Darren Gordon

    FireTemplate Template Debugger

    Last week Kier posted a video entitled What variables do I have to work with in the templates? showing how you can use PHP debugging tools to find out the values that are being sent to templates. This inspired me to write this simple addon to automate the whole process for you. FireTemplate...
  7. Darren Gordon

    Creating an Addon.

    I was really meaning from a reader's point of view. XenForo, Zend and many other frameworks that follow the class -> file convention also follow a naming standard. The class name is in the form: lib_type_implementation This is useful because I can then learn things about the structure of the...
  8. Darren Gordon

    Creating an Addon.

    Nice job. I'd also suggest renaming LimitSig_ControllerPublic_Listener to something else, such as LimitSig_Listener, or even better LimitSig_AddOn as it's not a ControllerPublic and naming it as such infers a relationship/requirement/convention that doesn't exist. The LimitSig_AddOn class...
  9. Darren Gordon

    Hey Smiggy :)

    Hey Smiggy :)
  10. Darren Gordon

    Internet Brands claims against XenForo

    I'm skilled in understanding such things and I do not concur. The code for XenForo and vBulletin are from two completely different planets. Any suggestion that any of the code in XenForo originated in vBulletin would be laughable if it were not so sad. I'm hoping for sales tomorrow, I have a...