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    XF 2.0 Internal link structure

    Not sure if this was a setting that I overlooked, but Xenforo's default URL paths are a mess. It's possible I missed something. Right now I have for example When I click on a particular forum like "general", I get Now, when I click on a thread inside of general...
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    XF 2.0 Importing data

    Will importing overwrite existing data? Posts, users, nodes, etc?
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    XF 1.4 Rename install directory

    Is it possible to change the name of the install directory without causing conflict with my board? I installed into the /forums/ sub but now I am getting double /forums/forums/. Is there a quick way to change it without exporting everything, reinstalling, and importing? Thanks
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    XF 1.1 Rich Text Editor Graphical Problem

    Hello, I am wondering what would be causing this error: My GUESS is that I am using Xenforo v1.1.5 and the style I am using is marked 1.2.2. I just want to make sure that is indeed the problem before I purchase another year of updates...
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    Trying to remember how to show certain details such as post count and likes below a users avatar when viewing a thread, however I am drawing a blank.
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    Custom content blocks

    Wondering if anyone knows of an add-on or a simple way to create custom content blocks on what is in most style cases, on the right side.
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    Mass Message

    Assuming it's possible, how do I send a mass message to all users registered on my board. (Not through e-mail, but PM)
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    Add-on Moderator or Staff display!

    With old phpBB or IPB you could assign moderators for specific forums. "Person1" could be the moderator of the design forum, and "person2" could be the moderator of the flame forum, etc etc. I know with Xenforo you can also assign a specific person or group to moderate a forum, however, what...
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    Simple Question

    I am looking for the add-on/resource that enables you to add custom content along with post count etc below your avatar in a post. Here is an example:
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    XF 1.1 Upgrading/Removing addons error

    Please enter a valid callback method. Please enter a valid callback method. Anyone know why I am getting these errors when trying to disable or upgrade any addon?
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    Sub forums

    Just noticed some people with sub forums being displayed on the main board and I can't seem to find the option for it. Could someone point me into the right direction? Thanks in advance. Example:
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    XF 1.1 Wipe all members post counts?

    Is it possible to wipe the post counts of all users on your forums without deleting the users? Thanks.
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    I was hoping someone would tell me their opinion on the right way to go about this. I run several minecraft servers and I am looking to consolidate our upcoming websites to share certain things but also have separate things. Shared: Members and their statistics such as post counts Separate...
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    General tab question

    I knew where to look in the past but I am having a hard time locating it now, but I am trying to remove/add some of the main nav tabs. Could someone point me to the right template? Thanks.
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    general css wrapper/alignment help

    I am having trouble shaping some tables into a wrapper. I am able to do most basic css but having a hard time with this one. Note - This is NOT a Xencarta question so please don't move the thread somewhere that won't get support. This is a general css question. Here is what I have...
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    Edit: Solved
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    Customizing your menus

    As shown by example above, I am trying to edit or create my own content in that area. Is there a guide somewhere that explains how to create your own content?
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    Can anyone give me the name of the mod that allows you to post @Username and it sends them an alert? Thanks in advance.
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    Tips? Pointers? It would all be appreciated.
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    Sorry to make a new post on this but my last one was unclear in what I was actually looking for and then it ended up veering off into another subject, heh. In the picture below there is a user with multiple rank images. I am basically looking for a way to assign these images per user and not...