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  1. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.4 Display votes publicly after a Poll is posted

    When I create a poll, I see there's an option to "Display votes publicly." However when I edit an already posted poll, I don't have the option to turn this on. I can only turn it on once when I create the poll. Is there a fix for this?
  2. Golden Falcon

    Add-on Mailchimp Integration (with Sync) besides *******

    Hi, Is anyone in the process of making a Mailchimp integration like the one ******* used to have? I know ******* still sells their mods on his own site. But I just don't trust them. All I need it to do is be synced up, and have a question of yes or no on the forums somewhere when they sign up...
  3. Golden Falcon

    Add-on RSS Feed with Images in Sidebar? Hi everyone, I think this is the correct place to put this. I was wondering if anyone knew of a resource that had images along with RSS feeds to them. I found Brogan's resource...
  4. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.4 View all members?

    Is it possible to view all members without installing an add-on?
  5. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.4 User Banner for Single User?

    Hello, Can you assign a user banner on a user-per-user case? Or does it only correspond to an entire user group? If I just want to assign a banner to a specific user, but not assign them to another group, is it possible? Thanks
  6. Golden Falcon

    XF 1.4 Converting from IP.Board 3.4

    Hi, I'm doing a test conversion from IP.Board. Everything worked fine, but for some reason post images did not get grabbed. I checked both SQL entires for IPB and XF for the same post, and it looks like it's skipping the images? IP.Board 3.4 Database Post Example <br /> <br /> <br /> <img...
  7. Golden Falcon

    Displaying XenForo Date & Time

    Hello. I'm trying to display the current date and time in a theme. What I originally did was just make a PHP file: public static function getHtml() { $today = date("l , F j - g:i a"); //Sunday , August 31 - 8:09 am return $today; } And then using a...
  8. Golden Falcon

    Lack of interest PayPal Business Payments ($0.50 flat fee per transaction)

    Hello, I searched around the forums, I didn't any topics on this. Apparently this is a pilot program by paypal. Where you can set up a "Business Payment" that only charges 50 cents per transaction, but only is paypal to paypal. Which would be wonderful because it would block people from using...
  9. Golden Falcon

    Import bbPress 2.5.x?

    Hello, Under Tools -> Import Data, there is no bbPress. Is there a separate script I have to use for bbPress support? If any?