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    Lets Trade Links - My New Xenforo Site

    Think the guy above me needs his post deleting ha! bit of a forum troll! Anyways, I have updated the boards a bit and also setup some initial threads to give people an idea how the site works. Would be nice if some of you could register :)
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    Mercenary Design New Website

    Looks very nice! The front page design works really well, good job!
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    [] QuoteCollapse

    This looks awesome, going to install it later on!! Top Draw!
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    Lets Trade Links - My New Xenforo Site

    Thanks Jason, I will be populating the site this week, and will focus on trying to get some members in. Anyone got any tips to help me with getting members ha? My wrestling site is a bit easier to get members I as use twitter when the shows are on!
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    Lets Trade Links - My New Xenforo Site

    Thanks all for the feedback!! I will try and make these suggested changes and I am going to hit the website hard next week and try and get some people posting there! Cheers, Greg
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    Lets Trade Links - My New Xenforo Site

    Thanks for that, I will sort that part out next :)
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    Lets Trade Links - My New Xenforo Site

    Hey guys, As many of you know there are lots of different ways to help increase your sites SEO and page rankings. One of those methods in link building, and this can be done by contacting owners of sites and hoping that they will respond to your emails hoping to exchange links with one...
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    [******] Thread tag

    I too would like to back the option of not forcing guests to put in tags. Also, how can I feed my tags onto the navigation panel on the home page? I would love a block with like the top viewed tags in.
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    Similar thread For Xenforo

    Just tried it looks really good! Example seen here: @ - Scroll down to the first post. Its just above the signature area, think it looks pretty good! (Y)
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    Strategy of War Website

    looks very nice! one of the better designed xenforo boards out there!
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    Hello Again

    Welcome back!
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    Because my sites layout is a fluid one, it fits to any screen size, so I guess that is why it automatically changes. Also thank you for the kind words! Would love to see a few more people sign up :)
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    I type in xenforo statistics plugin in google and a few websites came up and I downloaded it from there. I assume its one which can be found here though, I just dont like searching through all the old outdated mods to see if any are supported with the new version of Xen
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    [bd] Banking

    So far example a member could upload a .mp3 file or a picture and it may cost 500 points and when someone pays it they get access to the file? Also does this attachment area for members have a front. Example if I clicked on 'jimmys' account it would take me to his attachment front.
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    [bd] Banking

    This is a great addon, however can you do anything with the money you accumulate yet? Because if there is no shop or way you can 'spend' the points you have earnt, whats the point of having it i the first place?
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    Just a update for some of you guys! (its been almost 1 1/2 months). We have changed the layout a bit more now, and also have added some new features onto the forum home page. It would be great to here some feedback from some of you or maybe even a cheeky registration! Regards and have a...
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    GFX Forums - Graphic Design Community

    Looks pretty good, I like the logo! Greg
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    Windows 8 Forums

    Love the design, good job
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    XML Sitemap for XenForo 1.3 [Not needed, included in 1.4]

    I have set up my site exactly like this. Will this now update automatically without me having to submit anything??
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    SEO - Site Visitors

    Awesome thanks for your help buddy! Much appreciated!!