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  1. B

    Responsive AdSense

    Brogan submitted a new resource: Responsive AdSense - Adverts R Us Read more about this resource...
  2. Kaiser

    Making Money from Adsense

    I recently switched to google adsense after using adbrite for a month, in that month I only made $6.59 Now I have been using adsense for about 2 weeks and I already made $30 something? I was shocked... $30 in 2weeks is ALOT comparing to $7 from adbrite in a month. Shouldve used adsense from the...
  3. Jaxel

    So Google Adsense Just Disabled My Domain... No What?

    So google adsense just disabled my domain... and reversed the income I've made over the past week. There was no notification of this, no email, and nothing in the "messages" center of my adsense control panel. Because there is no "issue", there is no "issue ID" and I can not send in an appeal...
  4. StarBuG

    AdSense Publishers

    Hello Everyone, i am in the Website business for over ten years and I am monetizing my websites with Google AdSense for over 5 Years now. The key stone to my success with AdSense besides working on my communities is that I always look for new ideas on how to improve my Ad Placements...
  5. M

    Impact of Responsive Ads on AdSense Income

    Have you noticed a change in your AdSense income after you placed responsive ad layouts on your XenForo site? In your comments, please also note if you are using Brogan's approach (conditional statements) or the Responsive Adsense Beta Units. I'm about to start upgrading my 3 major 1.1.x sites...
  6. lazer

    Suspended by Adsense

    Hi all My forum has been suspended (not closed) by Adsense. We made changes and went back to them with an appeal but they have come back and said that there are still violations...We are a fairly large forum, with over 900,000 posts (Tech Support) and rely on the income from Adsense. The...
  7. Business Coach

    [ARTICLE] 10 ways to Make Money with your forum - without adsense or cpa offers

    ...challenge faces the majority of forum owners. How Do I Make Money With My Forum. Usually they have worked with some cpa (clickbank) or cpm (adsense) network and experienced less than stellar results. I often tell my customers they are underutilizing their resources when it comes to fans...
  8. JamesBrown

    Adsense advert after first post?

    I have found that an advert after the first post is one of the best adsense earners. can someone post an idiots guide to achieving this with with XF. Thanks in anticipation.
  9. Jose Amaral Mota

    Xenforo Googles AdSense Integration

    Will Xenforo follow IB method (Profit/Credit Sharing not really sure what information and or funds they get from this, as I was a member at version 3) or will we be able to have this for our own use? It like pulling teeth (actually it is easier to pull them..) to get information about what IB...
  10. dethfire

    Adsense CTR cut in half after switching to SSL

    After my migration to XF I switched to responsive adsense ads. They appears just about identical. However, since the switch my CTR has been cut in half and my revenue with it. It's extremely frustrating. I only have ads on thread pages because that is what gets the most views. Any suggestions...
  11. Chris D

    Adsense crisis

    ...image. Google caught wind of this and suspended our only source of income and the only thing (bearly) covering the cost of our server: Adsense. We have removed the offending image but they say we are still violating their terms and the thread they linked to is only an example of the content...
  12. emmy

    Best Google Adsense Alternatives

    Hello Folks, I am thinking of introducing affiliate marketing/advertising to my site and wondering which other adsense alternatives might be comparable to Google Adsense? I know you have Adversal, Chitika , buySellAds e etal But don't really know which one to go with and XF manager that is...
  13. surfsup

    Question for the Big Boards regarding Adsense $100 a day possible?

    I currently only have 1 adsense ad up on the Homepage, no where else and get around $3-10/day off of it. The other ads are paid sponsors. My question is, is it possible to reach $100/day with Adsense all over the forum in replace of Sponsors perhaps? What does it take to reach that goal...
  14. System0

    How to Deal with Threads That Violate Google Adsense's Terms and Conditions

    Those of you who use Google Adsense on their forums will know that Google will occasionally send you an email saying that a specific thread is violating their terms and conditions. When you receive an email like that, you have up to 72 hours to remove it or risk your account being banned. When...
  15. CTXMedia

    Anyone using Adsense Responsive Ad Unit (BETA) yet?

    ...over this next week and I need to decide whether to use multiple (different sized) ad units for each advertising slot or go with the new Adsense Responsive beta ad unit code and create a single ad for each slot. Is anyone using the new Adsense Responsive code and if so how is it working out...
  16. Robby

    RM 1.0 Resource manager and adsense

    Hello, Does anyone know how to put adsense in the Resource manager?
  17. CTXMedia

    1.2 - Responsive layout and Adsense concerns

    I'm enjoying using the new responsive layout on but am concerned about my Adsense revenue and how the responsive design will impact on that (since my understanding is that it cannot be turned off by default?). Currently my guests see the "desktop" layout regardless of whether they...
  18. Moddis

    XF 1.2 Anyone tried new Adsense Smart sizing ads? Problems...

    Adsense just recently release an improvement to their Responsive ads called Smart sizing. It actually pretty great and works perfectly by changing the ad size even on screen orientation change. However, it does not seem to work too well on the desktop version of xenforo. When placing the new...
  19. Moshe1010

    Fixed Soft delete VS hard delete posts - Google AdSense

    ...bug, but more of a request because the master of the internet (Google) thinks differently, and it could make some major problems. When Google AdSense detects that a thread has violated it's policy, it would send an email with a direct link to a thread and ask to remove it in 72 hours. I had...
  20. cedivad

    So i reached the 100€/day AdSense goal today.

    Since that i love to upload images with this board i would show you that nothing is impossible if you apply - i have proof :D Keep working and results will comes =)