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  1. Brad L

    XF 2.0 Trophy Criteria Check

    I'd like to learn more about when criteria are checked with a focus on trophies. Can anyone offer a link or a brief summary?
  2. Brad L

    MG 2.0 Auto Titles When Adding Media

    It can be unattractive to have filenames as an image title. I'd like to remove the auto filled data from the upload form so that people are forced to enter a title when uploading images. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Brad L

    MG 2.0 Thumbnail Filenames After Upgrade From XF1.5

    I noticed that the directory structure for XFMG thumbnails changed. Did the filenames also change?
  4. Brad L

    XF 2.1 Editor: Lists

    I just replied to a conversation for the first time using XF2.1 and was unable to form a message using a list without the editor converting it into bbcode. I could not find a way to prevent the editor from doing that and messing up the formatting of my message. Also, my 3 item list was...
  5. Brad L

    XF 2.0 Remove Widget Title?

    How can I prevent a widget's title from being displayed?
  6. Brad L

    What's New Overview As Home Page

    I like having a central place for members to quickly get updated on what's new. I think that's a great idea. However, I'm not crazy about losing the real estate needed for the dedicated what's new tab. I kind of feel the same way about the members tab, but that's a different story. Anyways...
  7. Brad L

    Add-on XFMG Slideshow

    I need a feature to display slideshows for XFMG categories. Our old gallery solution had this feature and it was used frequently.
  8. Brad L

    MG 1.1 Display order for category media

    Is it possible to change the display order of media within categories?
  9. Brad L

    Input Filter List

    Where can I find a list of available XenForo input filters? updated: STRING NUM UNUM INT UINT FLOAT BOOLEAN BINARY ARRAY_SIMPLE JSON_ARRAY DATE_TIME found on Input.php
  10. Brad L

    Add-on Post Limit Per Node

    I need an addon that limits the number of posts and threads that a member can create within a period of time. The limits should be adjustable per usergroup and per forum node. The goal is to mimic an old vb3 addon I used for classified forums. I'm looking for an experienced XenForo...
  11. Brad L

    Lack of interest Admin Add Media As Other User

    Give site staff the ability to add media as another user. For me this would be useful with media categories used to host photo contests. Occasionally we receive entries by email or there is some other reason that a member needs assistance.
  12. Brad L

    MG 1.0 Sidebar Category List Styling

    I'm trying to style the list of categories located on the left sidebar. Is there a template for that? I thought the template xengallery_category_sidebar_list might be what I wanted but that does not appear to be the case.
  13. Brad L

    MG 1.1 Notable Member Tabs

    Is it possible to remove one or both of these tabs? I could not find a related template.
  14. Brad L

    XF 1.4 Template Functions

    Is there a list of template functions somewhere?
  15. Brad L

    Lack of interest Independent Responsive Values

    Using the XFMG responsive design style properties the number of media items per row can be set for narrow, medium and wide displays. That's awesome (y) In addition to that I would like the ability to set the width value for narrow, medium and wide independently from the rest of the forum...
  16. Brad L

    XF 1.4 Navbar Responsive Behavior

    Navbar tabs collapse from right to left as the screen width decreases. If you go narrow enough the only tabs left are Home and Forums. That behavior is as expected. However, the sublinks for navbar tabs collapse in the opposite direction: from left to right. I expect sublinks on the left to...
  17. Brad L

    Add-on Data Tree Management [PAID]

    I'm looking for a talented programmer that has a lot of experience working with data tree structures. The ideal candidate would be comfortable working with and saving hierarchical data to an sql database using the nested set model. If you're interested please send me a private message...
  18. Brad L

    XF 1.2 Can't edit member_list template

    When I edit the member_list template nothing happens. I can delete all the content and the member list continues to display normally. Changes to the member_list_item template work fine. Is this a cache issue? Any advice?
  19. Brad L

    XF 1.2 Navigation tabLinks Height

    How can I reduce the height of only the tabLinks navigation bar? Navigation is composed of two bars: navTabs on top and tabLinks on bottom. I'm trying to reduce only the height of the bottom bar (tabLinks). I can do so using extra.css but I get a gap between navigation and pageContent. There...
  20. Brad L

    Forum Con 2013

    I'm considering attending this year. Is it worth it? Some of the topics look interesting and resourceful.