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    XF 1.4 From SMF to XF without ACP

    Hey Developers I have admin permissions on XenForo, but not on SMF. Now, I want to import just the thread and it's postings (may also the users, if not too complicated) to my XenForo. Are there applications, such as Crawlers, who can done this work? Thank you, localhorst
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    XF 1.4 Allow users to backup their own posts?

    Dear, is there any addon for this, like on vBulletin? Sincerely, localhorst
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    XF 1.4 How to create custom sites in Template's design?

    Dear, I have a few custom sites as .php. But how can I create a grid system, how can tables look like in XenForo? How can I create titles in Template's design, and how buttons? Are their just style sheets I had to add to the HTML-Tags like in Bootstrap? E.g. "<table class="xenforo...