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  1. zxleo

    xenforo still in BETA ?

    lol nice staff.
  2. zxleo

    xenforo still in BETA ?

    im talking about the security.
  3. zxleo

    xenforo still in BETA ?

    Hi ! i want to know if xenforo still in BETA test service.
  4. zxleo

    [8wayRun.Com] XenPorta (Portal)

    Hi ! How i put "Facebook comments" or "Wall facebook" in this add on ?
  5. zxleo

    ooooooo is this new?

    oh .. nice .. i hope to this upgrade has been better :D ! Thanks !
  6. zxleo

    Dream Style

    Ty man !! No, the style had not been posted here, so I asked the author of the post to upload here the file.
  7. zxleo

    Fixed  Logout gives redirection error

    im just disable the facebook integration and i dont have some errors :S Sorry for my bad english D: !
  8. zxleo

    Dream Style

    Hi .. ! nice design but when i try to go to your web to download the style i cant :S please upload the files here ;D ! :)
  9. zxleo

    [XFR] Infractions

    Hi ! How i can hide the tab of "Infractions" in the profile, so i want to this tabs is only seen for administrators or moderators.
  10. zxleo

    nice to see you here ;) ! like sayd Michael, The Best vbulletin Support operator ;) ! Thanks for...

    nice to see you here ;) ! like sayd Michael, The Best vbulletin Support operator ;) ! Thanks for all Steve ;) !
  11. zxleo

    Twitter FAN BOX (ES) and (EN)

    Great ... Thanks for the Add on ... and the Translations ¬¬ ! xD !
  12. zxleo

    Affiliates on SideBar

    thanks for this ...
  13. zxleo

    Idioma Español

    Good for me :D ! Gracias !
  14. zxleo

    Can't download mods

    if you use a illegal version in the red your forum could be closed .. try with the DEMO in the web page .. If you dont have licence, you cannot download "modifications" or other ...
  15. zxleo

    Question ! Urgent !

    Oh Thnx for the answer
  16. zxleo

    Question ! Urgent !

    Hi ! Well , for now i use "vbulletin software" but i saw this software is "comfortable" .. i have some questions : - "if i buy one of tghis software, i can "use it" in a lot of forums ?" and - "if i buy it this licencia, can i download Add ons for a lifetime ?" That 's all
  17. zxleo

    What are you listening to?

    puta - Bazzel ... well that's all for the moment ... xD !