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  1. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.1 Smile button non-functioning

    Short video attached, seems as though the smile button just wont work.
  2. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.1 RF Bible Tagger?

    I run a decent size theology forum, Theology Forums, and we've always used this code to allow pop-up bible verses for our users. It's one of the nicest more useful add-ons available for a site like ours. Since xenforo 2.0 I've been unable to get it running. Does anyone have any idea how to...
  3. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.1 Add Views to Forum view stats?

    Before the update we had a template modification that showed "Views" instead of threads. So it only showed total views of all threads in that forum sections - next to total messages in that forum section. Does anyone know if this has been done on 2.1? I know it was rather simple, but I don't do...
  4. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.1 Upgrade problem

    Alright so I've been doing Xenforo upgrades pretty consistantly and I've never had this issue before. The first image is the style newly imported, the second image is my previous style (same style, but customized) What happened here? All the updates I've ever done I've never experienced this...
  5. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.1 Server Errors & missing files?

    How to I fix these? I'm ignorant with this stuff!
  6. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.0 Adding a Thread tip? (picture included)

    Hey guys, I really like how this forum has a thread tip between title and body when you try to post a thread. I'd love to be able to have different tips for different forums. Anyone know what add-on this is? or how it can be accomplished?
  7. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.0 Usergroup Permission issue

    So once a donation is made, a user is automatically added to a secondary usergroup. The secondary usergroup has extra permissions, custom user title, more images, etc. For some reason once they have that secondary usergroup attached to their profile, it seems like the primary usergorup...
  8. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.0 Preview to publish I lose all BBCODE functionality

    One of my users has a whole thread of donald trump twitter posts... No, I don't know exactly why, but he's extremely upset that he can't keep up with it due to this issue.. See attachments. In preview everything shows fine, but once published the codes become inactive.
  9. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.0 RF Tagger (Where to paste code?)

    In 1.5 I could just throw this code in the footer or forum_list templates. It doesn't seem to function correctly on 2.0 though. Does anyone know where to place this code and have it work with 2.0? This is what it is: <script type="text/javascript"...
  10. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.0 Username above avatar?

    Message_User_Info no longer exists (at least not within my style) How do you achieve this with 2.0? :)
  11. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.0 Social Sharing does not work

    All of my social media sharing icons won't function properly, they say the link is dead or they ran into a problem. Any ideas?
  12. Tattooed Theist

    XF 2.0 Replace Threads & Post count with Views and Post stats?

    I had this on my old forum, I can't seem to get it to work properly on 2.0. Instead of total threads in a forum it showed total forum views.
  13. Tattooed Theist

    XF 1.5 My mods can't see a members profile...?

    My mods are saying when they try to visit this user's profile and/or posts it says this... "It's blocked. Get this message .... This member limits who may view their full profile." How do I change this? My mods can't moderate if users can block their view.
  14. Tattooed Theist

    XF 1.5 Problems with Warning system

    What am I doing wrong? My admins are saying the bans are not automatically lifting after the allotted time.
  15. Tattooed Theist

    XF 1.5 Twitter Embedding is not functioning properly?

    Here are 2 screen shots. one after another within 5 mins. Why is one a link? and the other shows the emblem and whatnot?
  16. Tattooed Theist

    XF 1.5 unban someone from chatbox? (AJAX Shoutbox)

    I've banned someone from the chat box, then i went to unban them they still cant see it :(
  17. Tattooed Theist

    automatically subscribe to threads you post in?

    My members want it to automatically subscribe to a thread they post in. So basically to look like this (image attached) this is a vbulletin site that has a notification page that shows reputation given and a list of threads that have new replies that you're subscribed to.
  18. Tattooed Theist

    XF 1.5 auto watch thread that you posted in

    I'm sure this is a simple "options" fix but I can't seem to find it. I'd like to make it so user's are automatically subscribed to any thread they post in, so they get notified for posting in it.
  19. Tattooed Theist

    XF 1.5 Email Confirmation issue

    Hey guys, so not all, but an alarming amount of Email Confirmation emails get shot to my admin email with this message " This is the mail system at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's...
  20. Tattooed Theist

    XF 1.5 Deleting users and banning users

    So there was a revolt of hate happening on my site, I'm banning 5 members. The first I deleted, but now all that happened was the info on their member card is gone, avatar is gone, which is great - but now their title says "guest" ?? Why? How can I change this so when I delete a member it...