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    Lets Trade Links - My New Xenforo Site

    Hey guys, As many of you know there are lots of different ways to help increase your sites SEO and page rankings. One of those methods in link building, and this can be done by contacting owners of sites and hoping that they will respond to your emails hoping to exchange links with one...
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    SEO - Site Visitors

    Hi Guys, Some of you may know, but I used to run VB for my wrestling forum but switched it over to Xenforo about 8 weeks ago. I have noticed that my visitors have been slashed in half since the switch which is granted as most of our indexed pages from google are gone and the current forum...
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    Style Looking for a custom design/style

    Hi Guys! I am looking for someone who can design me a custom theme for my Xenforo Wrestling Website Please read the requirements below and then either reply on here or send me a message with a quote for the job. Requirements To design a Xenforo Theme. (I am using Xen 1.1.1) The...
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    Registration Problem - Activation Code

    Hi, I thought that the registrations with my site were a little low this month so I ran a test, and the activation codes which Xenforo send out are not going through! I made a test account on my email address and the activation code still hasnt come through yet! Do you know what this could be?
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    Betting System

    Hi Guys, I am hoping this addon has been made (if not I am requesting it now). I would love to see an addon where users get points for posting in the forum and then on a sub section of the website they can use these points to bet on sporting events: e.g Forum Memer 1 bets 300 points on...
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    Hi guys, Recently moved over from VB to Xenfor, love the software and my members love it to! Here is my website: ..we have only been up and runing on Xenfor now for 4 days! We have been open for almost a year, but with switching softwares and discussing it with the members we...
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    Duplicate Add ability to limit signatures

    I made a post about this before about how I want my members to upload a signature to my forums but I dont want them to be able to add 5-6 which seems to be an issue at the moment making my page freakishly huge. Currently the only fix people can do is either limit the size, or block pictures...
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    Signature Size/Limit

    Hi, Had a little look on my admin panel and also searched on google but didnt find what I was looking for. How can I limit my guest signatures to like 1 image max? and also the height/width of that signature? I also want to implement a feature that will allow users to buy a premium...
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    Couple of Pre Sale Questions =)

    Hey guys, I currently run a wrestling community on VBulletin but with the lack of support those guys have been offering of late and the contast spam attacks my message board is having I am thinking off moving over to the XenForo as I have heard rave reviews about this place. I just have a...