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  1. Armycatfisher

    Changed the home page, let me know what you think

    Hey everyone, Let me know what you think of our home page layout using an add on. -Zach
  2. Armycatfisher

    Facebook conversion!?!

    Hello everyone, I am sure this has been brought up, but I am curious if any new methods have been successful. I have 91k reach right now on my facebook page. I have 1,500 likes and climbing daily. My issue is getting all of these people to register on the forum. I started January of this...
  3. Armycatfisher

    National Level Catfish Forum

    Hey everyone, I am completely new to Xenforo. I have been using it for about 4-5 months now with the help of a friend. I own Operation Catfish which provides information from beginner to Pro level on how to catfish. I provide video how-to's, tournament coverage, guide trip coverage etc...
  4. Armycatfisher

    XF 1.0 Is it possible to add an area only for User Upgrade members,

    Hey Everyone, Is it possible to add an area for my upgraded members outside of my original node. I am completely new to Xenforo and I have my original node layout. But when adding the premium areas (Categories/Forums) it makes the entire node way to big. I need to know if there is a way I...