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  1. nestor718

    Beta 2 released but ...

    I did not receive email notification. In fact, vB sent an email today saying they had gone to a new version and that's when I decided to come here and check :( Never the less, I'm happy the next beta version is out and am eager to try it out! :cool: xF, you might want to send out those emails...
  2. nestor718

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Filter listing by username

    Was just trying to see posting patterns of a user on my IP Board. I wanted to see all posts made by this user in this particular forum but didn't want to do it with the search feature. Now, I'm fully aware all I have to do is use the search feature to get this listing but I had a thought. What...
  3. nestor718

    Slight suggestion

    As an active xF customer with 2 license, I'd suggest our member titles be changed to 'Active Customer' or something of the sort to show those on the sidelines how many of us there are and our confidence in the product! Just a thought ;)