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  1. 3rd AnGle

    Resource Manager Add-On

    Hi.. I am not aware of any addon that let you convert a post into resource item but there is one which will convert a THREAD into a resource item that takes the attachments in the first POST as download files.. Check this addon properly and see if it fits your requirement...
  2. 3rd AnGle

    Negative responses on suggestion threads

    Sir, as an example, saying don't waste time on this, better things to do more bugs to be introduced with regards to someone else's suggestion on a company forum is not an opinion. It is a judgement, unsolicited one at that, that destroys the positive spirit of Xenforo as a brand. Let's not...
  3. 3rd AnGle

    Negative responses on suggestion threads

    Actually, that's not exactly what it is. It's been made clear by the company that the number of "likes" don't translate to "done". Hence, in the later part of that same statement, i said the methodology may seem like it. or the below statement if i am wrong. Right now, i don't see XF seeking...
  4. 3rd AnGle

    Negative responses on suggestion threads

    I also feel the discussion whether any newly posted suggestion should be "part of the core" or "devs should better spend time on other things" by other community members is not needed, considering these suggestions are made by customers of a company and it is a message directed at the company...
  5. 3rd AnGle

    Multiple Instances of Resource Manager

    That's from 2012. I too hope they have evolved.
  6. 3rd AnGle

    [bd] Social Share [Paid]

    does this update implemented the suggestion i had made regarding moderating which threads to post on our facebook page?
  7. 3rd AnGle

    Add-on Help Pointing Out Two Add-ons

    ok.. may be i should explain better. For their HOMEPAGE it is XenPorta. It has 2 versions. One is free and unmaintained and not supported by the Developer. The last version was updated in Jan 2014 and it is clear it will not be supported anymore. The developer has released a paid version here...
  8. 3rd AnGle

    Add-on Help Pointing Out Two Add-ons

    No.. this addon https://xenforo.com/community/resources/8wayrun-com-xenporta-2-portal-pro.3894/
  9. 3rd AnGle

    Lack of interest Donate/Pay to feature your resource item

    I know payment system is not included in RM now.... if such is integrated is planned, can we have an option to let users donate/pay an amount to make their resource item featured?
  10. 3rd AnGle

    Lack of interest Auto create a forum on creating a resource item

    Which can be used for support. For example: XenPorta2 is very popular mod and hence there are 100s of pages of discussion. Can we allow auto creation of a forum with the Resource author as the Moderator (permission for forums configurable) when user create a resource item which can be used to...
  11. 3rd AnGle

    Add-on XenAtendo 2 Preview...

    We'd always wanted to use an image in place of the Google map (since XenAttendo1)... It'd be supercool if we can upload pics this time, not in the description but in container where the map is.
  12. 3rd AnGle

    Came here looking for the suggestion thread for Replace Option in Phrase. Can't find it. Nobody...

    Came here looking for the suggestion thread for Replace Option in Phrase. Can't find it. Nobody suggested yet?
  13. 3rd AnGle

    [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    aaah.. i see a lot of style properties options now... this is good. (y)
  14. 3rd AnGle

    [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    upgraded to 1.1.3 I cannot find the Break out of contents option which used to hide the title of the forum..... Where is that option available?
  15. 3rd AnGle

    Multiple Instances of Resource Manager

    +1000 Yes please....
  16. 3rd AnGle

    Chat by Siropu [Paid]

    Are you talking about person-to-person (individual) chat or is it about the refresh mode? It'd be awesome if this has Individual chat Room Chat (i think room feature is available in Taigachat) Does this addon save a copy of all the message posted in the chat room. or does it delete permanently...
  17. 3rd AnGle

    [xfCrowd] Notification BB Codes

    Yes sir... inside the post. BTW, the author may or may not be the same as the user who's making the post. For example: 3rd Angle post an article but the article is written by Kalco. So the Author's Block will be about Kalco even though 3rd angle is posting the comment. I hope it makes sense.
  18. 3rd AnGle

    [xfCrowd] Notification BB Codes

    Hi @kalco , Thanks for this add on. Looking at it, just got this idea of extending this a bit to make Author's Block. Like the attached image. Would it be possible?
  19. 3rd AnGle

    Add-on XenPorta 2

    you need to post in the relevant add on thread... so that the author can reply