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  1. Core Freedom

    Loving Our New Design - Spiritual Business Community

    Core Freedom has a brand new design, thanks to @DominicE with Skin My Forum. If I knew how great our forum would look once Dominic got his hands on the redesign, I would have done it much sooner. The community portion of Core Freedom is a private forum for heart-centered entrepreneurs and those...
  2. Core Freedom

    XF 1.5 Multi-Lingual Forum Possible?

    My forum is in English and I want to keep it this way. But I don't want to exclude non-English speakers from reading or joining the community. It would be nice if they could click their language and have the entire site, including threads and comments, be translated in their language. When they...
  3. Core Freedom

    XF 1.5 Inserting Videos from YT Playlist, Rather Than Video Link

    I want to insert a video link from a video within my YouTube playlist, not the simple video link. The advantage of this is that when the video is finished, it will show the other videos of my own videos within the playlist, rather than suggested videos from YouTube. Unfortunately this doesn't...
  4. Core Freedom

    To Charge Monthly, Yearly - To Drip?

    My private forum is about 6 years old and it's time for a complete overhaul. I'd love to hear how others have structured their fee- and forum structure and how you deliver content to paying members. So far I only have a free level and a lifetime paid level but I'm thinking of adding a yearly...
  5. Core Freedom

    WP or XF to display your articles?

    Hi All, Does anyone here use their XF community to write their articles and get member feedback, rather than using WP with the option for people to comment on your articles? I have tried both. Keeping articles on my WP site and allowing for comments, which quickly became way too much work. It...
  6. Core Freedom

    XF 1.5 Changing your XF url extension

    I've had my community sitting on a .com/community extension for the past 5 years and just purchased the .community extension. Does anyone know how this change will affect the current posts and Google rankings? Will XF automatically redirect old posts to the new extension? Does Google's algorithm...
  7. Core Freedom

    Xenforo - Thinkific Bridge Needed

    Hi Everyone, Challenge: Currently my clients, students and members need to create three logins to use the Wordpress portion, the Academy and the Forum. Too confusing and annoying for clients. Solution: I'd like to create one login for the Academy and Forum. Bridging all three may be too...
  8. Core Freedom

    XF 1.5 XF in iFrame - Implications

    I run an online school using the Thinkific platform and want to offer my students access to my XF community. However, I can't have them leave the school in order to get community support. If I turn on iFrame to have XF work within one of the lectures, what exactly are the implications or dangers...
  9. Core Freedom

    Subscribers to ConvertKit?

    I'm switching from aWeber to ConvertKit. Does anyone know if it's possible to get new members automatically funneled through to ConvertKit?
  10. Core Freedom

    Udemy Courses on Xenforo - Whose Doing It?

    Hi all, I'm an instructor on Udemy and have had my XF community for 3.5 years but haven't integrated the two. I'm wondering if there are any Udemy instructors that have successfully migrated (or added) their Udemy courses to their XF communities. For those who have, would you mind sharing any...
  11. Core Freedom

    XF 1.5 Tables Keep Crashing

    Hi XF Community, I've been having this problem for quite a while (months). My tables keep crashing due to Brute Force attacks. I have installed every possible brute force plugin and firewall I can think of but it keeps happening. The hosting company keeps repairing the tables but every time I...
  12. Core Freedom

    XF 1.5 Tables Crashed

    All of my databases crashed a few days ago, including my WP and XF tables. My hosting company fixed the WP tables but the XF database is still broken. Andrej, who is my site hero, is on vacation for a few weeks and I'm not quite sure what to do. Would anyone mind telling me how and where to fix...
  13. Core Freedom

    The Upcoming Paypal Nightmare - Beware

    If you haven't yet heard, Paypal is changing their terms this July so that they will have rights to all of your website content. You can read the full article here. Also read the biometrics changes Paypal has in store for its users. Bitcoin here we come. Do any of you know if XF can be...
  14. Core Freedom

    XF 1.4 Tiered Upgrade

    Hi all, I'm not able to find anything on what the "tiered upgrade" checkbox does within a user group. Is anyone using this feature? I'm trying to get people to sign up and pay for group A for 3 months and after their 3 month period is over their next 3 month payment should automatically move...
  15. Core Freedom

    Using XF for coaching - automatic upgrade release

    I'm wondering if anyone else is using their XF forum as a coaching community. I'm trying to accomplish something that may or may not be possible. Can you help? If I have a coaching program that goes from month to month, I would like to have new members get access to the month in which they...
  16. Core Freedom

    XF 1.4 Question about forum arrangements - SEO and Google

    I'm a bit confused about the layers between what is a "forum" vs. what is a "category" and what Google actually picks up. How many layers deep does Google algorhythm search for relevant content to index a page/thread? For example: sitename - forum name - individual thread or sitename...
  17. Core Freedom

    XF 1.4 Can Threads and Responses Be Downloaded As a Document?

    My community members are asking if our forum is available in book format. Is it possible to download all forum threads and responses in either a Word or PDF document? Or even as a rich text file?
  18. Core Freedom

    XF 1.4 Combining XF and Wordpress

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out the best way to make my forum posts in the front of my site (wordpress) visible. Has anyone managed to somehow show their forum posts on their wordpress home page? Or is there a way to use an iframe that allows people on the home page to see what's going on in...
  19. Core Freedom

    XF 1.4 Suggestions on how to add Podcasts to XF

    Have any of you figured out how to upload audio files to forums? So far I've been turning my audios into static videos, uploading them to Youtube and from there posting them into threads. A bit cumbersome though. Are there any other, more efficient ways?
  20. Core Freedom

    2 Years Since I Chose Xenforo - A Look Back

    Hi Everyone, It has been 2 years since I chose Xenforo over any other forum software and today is reflection day. Why? Because last year my sister and best friend were diagnosed with cancer and now my Dad is fighting for his life too. We must remember our mortality and that life is short - way...