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  1. Zenexer

    Duplicate WYSIWYG editor doesn't use image proxy

    This also applies to 1.x, which is what I'm personally interested, but it seems to be an issue on as well, which I assume uses 2.x. We're getting CSP reports indicating that when users attempt to embed images in posts using the WYSIWYG editor, the image is loaded directly without...
  2. Zenexer

    Duplicate key error while following

    In Model/User.php, function follow, around line 1760: The ordering of beginTransaction and removeDuplicateFollowUserIds is wrong. Because removeDuplicateFollowUserIds is performed outside the transaction, a race condition occurs. If the user is experiencing internet connectivity issues and...
  3. Zenexer

    XF 1.5 Facebook: Strict Redirect URI Matching

    That’s definitely not the right URL. Your querystring is all messed up. Edit: Never mind, misread it.
  4. Zenexer

    Fixed "Unviewed alerts do not expire."

    @king8084 In that case, it'll do exactly what you want.
  5. Zenexer

    Fixed "Unviewed alerts do not expire."

    @king8084, rather than commenting out the old code, just change the 30 to a 100. Your code doesn't work quite as intended because it overrides $dateCut if it's explicitly set, though I don't think that scenario ever occurs in vanilla XenForo.
  6. Zenexer

    Fixed Stats in Admin not running

    Can we (properly) tag this as a MySQL 8.0 readiness issue? It would help to start tracking those for both XF1 and XF2.
  7. Zenexer

    Design issue Restore spam cleaner approves moderated content

    This issue exists for users as well, even though historical states are tracked. Rather than solving this by tracking historical state, it may make more sense to have separate flags, with the state being a dynamically calculated field based on the most restrictive flag. We've been able to...
  8. Zenexer

    Won't fix Moderation queue doesn't use approveUnapprove permission

    Patch for v1.5.21 (ID: 1052170) attached.
  9. Zenexer

    Won't fix Moderation queue doesn't use approveUnapprove permission

    Anyone who can see an item in the moderation queue can approve or delete it. The permissions required to view a thread or post in the moderation queue are view, edit any, and delete any. approveUnapprove should probably be in there as well, but that's only used for the inline moderation tool...
  10. Zenexer

    Fixed Twitter Integration vs

    Even with > 1M members, social auth has never been particularly popular on our site, especially Twitter, which accounts for < 1k members.
  11. Zenexer

    Cannot reproduce PayPal cancellation of double paid/purchased upgrade, cancels both upgrades

    We've run into this. There are quite a few situations in which XenForo 1.x will mishandle PayPal events; I'd have a hard time listing all of them. I haven't actually tested this, but just as an example of how someone could probably purchase an upgrade multiple times (I believe we've...
  12. Zenexer

    Fixed htmlspecialchars corrupts avatar URLs

    @Chris D Use Chrome. Go to admin.php?users/ Open Chrome DevTools. Switch to Sources tab in DevTools. Make sure it stays visible on the screen as you perform the following steps. On admin.php?users/, search for a user that is currently using Gravatar. Wait for the search suggestion popup to...
  13. Zenexer

    TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox [Paid]

    @madamgambler It could also be a side-effect of a browser extension. Ask the user for a list of their extensions and see if there are any that are likely to affect CSS. Also, ask the user if they're able to reproduce it in Incognito mode. That particular color is "magenta", and it's notable...
  14. Zenexer

    XF 1.5 Facebook: Strict Redirect URI Matching

    I've been able to get both login and the test to work. Settings attached below.
  15. Zenexer

    XF 1.5 Facebook: Strict Redirect URI Matching

    It's giving that error message during tests when strict mode is enabled because there are extra parameters in the querystring. For example, when I click the Test button, here's the redirect_uri I get: That's the same...
  16. Zenexer

    XF 1.5 DNSBLs

    Got it, thanks. The DNSBL checkbox doesn't seem to disable SFS, though I don't think XF queries that via DNS, but rather HTTP. (They do have a DNS interface, I believe.)
  17. Zenexer

    Server issue adding backslash to end of RSS url breaks it

    I figured. It sounds like you might have a variety of inconsistencies in your .htaccess. If you post it here, I can try to do a little cleanup for you.
  18. Zenexer

    As designed Cron task run frequencies reset on each upgrade

    @Chris D Will the change persist? That is, will it remain disabled? If so, that's a perfectly acceptable workaround. It wasn't clear from reading the other thread whether that was the case.
  19. Zenexer

    As designed Cron task run frequencies reset on each upgrade

    Just to give a bit more context so it's clear I'm not trying to be a wise-ass here in asking for an answer directly from the developers: we maintain a bunch of patches that have to be applied to XenForo each time we update. This is pretty cumbersome, though for small updates, it's mostly...
  20. Zenexer

    As designed Cron task run frequencies reset on each upgrade

    I appreciate the link, but I'm reporting this as a bug, not asking for help. I'm looking for a comment from the developers along the lines of "Won't Fix" or "Here's a patch". This saves me a significant amount of time, because then I either know for certain it's not going to be patched ever in...