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  1. SonicRC

    Konsolentreff (MyBB Big Board) finally moved to XenForo

    After 5 years with MyBB, we (@nofix , @pilpop und me) converted our forums to XenForo. We put a lot of work into the project and we were really excited before launch. But it paid of well. Our members love it and so do we. :D URL: This is how it looked before...
  2. SonicRC

    XF 1.2 IE conditionals not working

    Hi! :) It's the first time I have to work with IE conditionals. So I tried to put the following code in the page-container template: <head> <xen:hook name="page_container_head"> ... <!--[if lt IE 9]> <xen:require css="IE.css" /> <![endif]--> </xen:hook> </head> If I do it that...
  3. SonicRC

    Fixed MyBB-Importer: Undefined index: ban_reason

    I think I found another bug. After the import this appeared: I also noticed that no warnings were imported. I't don't know if this a bug or expected
  4. SonicRC

    Fixed MyBB Importer: Import Custom User Field doesn't work

    I tried to import a mybb database and it seems to work very well except for "Import Custom User Field". I have three custom fields in my mybb datebase but the importer says: Imported 0 items. (0.01 seconds) I can provide you with the db if you need it. :)
  5. SonicRC

    Fixed pagination styling issue with large threads

    this is how the pagination looks on Safari 6 and Chrome 28: it looks fine with firefox 22: But it looks worse on all browser if you push the left arrow: it looks better with even larger threads:
  6. SonicRC

    Fixed MyBB Importer: Umlauts are not displayed

    I tried to import a german mybb database with the following settings: Database Character Set: utf-8 Default Language Character Set: utf-8 ( mybb config: $config['database']['encoding'] = 'utf8'; ) After the Import all umlauts are missing. For Instance: für -> fr übrigens -> brigens schön...
  7. SonicRC

    As designed MyBB Importer: missing post id(link) in quotes

    This how quotes looks in MyBB: After the import they look like that: But in Xenforo they should look like: So the post id is missing and this bad if you have large threads. (retain post id was activated)
  8. SonicRC

    Fixed Quote box missing bottom radius

    @Mike great work. (y) I noticed a little detail: .bbCodeQuote blockquote .quoteExpand is missing a border-bottom radius (left with no border radius and right with 5px left and right added)
  9. SonicRC

    Fixed Responsive Design: sidebar issue when window size is scaled

    This happens with Safari 6, Chrome 27 and Firefox 21 (all OSX 10.8).
  10. SonicRC

    Fixed small editor style issue (safari)

    It's easy to reproduce, just hit the backspace key. No problem with firefox and chrome, only safari.
  11. SonicRC

    [] XenColor pro

    Version: XenColor pro 0.2 It`s very easy to change the colors: ZIP Contents: -xencolor image directory -style-XenColor pro.xml -Readme.txt XenColor pro 0.2 changelog: - updated to RC2! If you find any bugs or need support please post in this thread and not via private message. Thank...
  12. SonicRC

    [] XenOrange pro

    Version: XenOrange pro 0.4 It`s very easy to change the colors: ZIP Contents: -xenorange image directory -style-XenOrange pro.xml -Readme.txt Changelog: Version 0.2: - now ready for xF Beta 5 Version 0.3: - now ready for RC2 Version 0.4: - updated to 1.0 stable! If you find any bugs...
  13. SonicRC

    Lack of interest Disable/Enable Facebook Like Feature in User settings

    In Beta 2 it`s possible to disable the facebook like feature in the AdminCP. It would be great if there would be an opportunity to disable that in the user settings too, because some user like facebook and some do not (or don`t want to be tracked by facebook on websites). So the user has the...
  14. SonicRC

    [] XenBlack pro

    Version: XenBlack pro 0.4 ZIP Contents: -xenblack image directory -style-XenBlack pro.xml -Readme.txt Changelog: Version 0.2: - now ready for xF Beta 2 - new design for the editor - some CSS improvements Version 0.3: - now ready for xF Beta 5 - removed hard-coded colors - added...
  15. SonicRC

    [] XenBlue pro Dark

    Hi! XenBlue pro dark is my very first style for XenForo! It`s based on my style vBlue pro dark. Note: This Version is a first beta version. Updates will follow. XenBlue pro Dark 0.2 changelog: - now ready for xF Beta 2 - added forumicons from vBlue pro - CSS improvements XenBlue pro...