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  1. hutch2323

    XF 2.0 Passing values from a textbox to .php function

    Hello again! I'm attempting to build a custom query page whereby a user (for admin use only) can enter a username into a textbox, click a search button, and retrieve the stored information connected to the username. Currently, I have blocks of code, but I'm not entirely sure how to combine it...
  2. hutch2323

    XF 2.0 Passing an array from .php to a node

    Hello again, I've encountered another problem with XF 2.0. I'm trying to query my database from a node and display the results on that page. I've done some research, but I think I'm getting some of the syntax from earlier versions of XF mixed in and its not working. Currently, I have a...
  3. hutch2323

    XF 2.0 Simple "Hello World" Xenforo 2.0 Problem

    Hello, I'm new to Xenforo 2.0 and clearly there are some changes. I'm simply trying to get a "Hello World" string to be written on my node page, from a .php file. Currently, I have a Test.php file located in the \src\addons\XFP directory. This is the code used in Test.php: <?php namespace...
  4. hutch2323

    XF 2.0 Simple query and display results on node

    Hello, I know this is probably a very trivial question, but I am simply looking to create a node which asks a user to input a username, click a button, and it will return the email address of that user (see below). However, I am very new to xenforo and I have no idea how to go about doing so. I...