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  1. Abarax

    XF 1.5 Force Terms and conditions upon registration?

    Hi, is there a way in 1.5 to force the terms and conditions to be read upon registering? Currently all I can see is the option at the bottom where it's optional to read it as many people just click they've read them without reading; I'd like to at least have it forced upon them to see so they...
  2. Abarax

    Will 1.5 continued to be supported?

    So, when 2.0 comes out will 1.5 still be supported??
  3. Abarax

    XF 1.5 Create a closeable Overlay over certain page?

    I'm not experienced enough to really know whether this is fully possible, but is it possible to create an overlay for a page, which will be closeable after a select time which you can use to display text such as rules, or tips? Similar to sites that prevent you from doing anything unless you...
  4. Abarax

    Add-on Better Member Searching

    I've looked around but couldn't find a plugin which would allow me to go to "Members" then search something such as "k" and have it list every member with the letter "k" in it. Wondering if somebody could make one which does exactly that, or point me to the already-created plugin if there is...