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  1. ajnos

    ragtek Newest Members Sidebarblock

    Version 1.0.4 uploaded
  2. ajnos

    Implemented Template Hooks

    You can use <xen:hook name="post_public_controls">
  3. ajnos

    XF 1.0 Pages

    I'm also not sure what he's talking about:ROFLMAO: Anybody interessted in a add-on for the comment feature, should help us to find the necessary features for the 1. version:
  4. ajnos

    Current Page URL

  5. ajnos

    Current Page URL

    lol it hurts that you removed the like.:( you're really mature..) it doesn't contain /group/index.php check your testpage: wheres there /test ??? ;) Nevermind, you're welcome to use your false code...
  6. ajnos

    Current Page URL

    Then it's a sign that you're not familiar with php or you don't want to read the page.
  7. ajnos

    Current Page URL ;)
  8. ajnos

    Fixed  OverlayTrigger and Redirect Problem

    Yes, i can confirm that it's working now
  9. ajnos

    Current Page URL

    $paths = XenForo_Application::get('requestPaths'); XenForo_Application::get('requestPaths'); returns an array with the requested data;) $paths['fullUri'] should include the link
  10. ajnos

    Additional Data saving

    I've added some extrafields to some forms. What's the best way, to save the data with the datamanger? Wouldn't it be good to have a event listener before, which sends $userInput $this->_input as reference, so we can add the own fields? $writer->bulkSet($userInput); Admincontroller_user /**...
  11. ajnos

    Implemented Template Hooks But i'm not sure if it's possible ! How would you want to do this? It would be easier to overwrite the actionMarkRead function in XenForo_ControllerPublic_Forum
  12. ajnos

    [PAID Addon] ragtek Link Pages in Navbar

    So you want to have a page NodeTree like Page1 Page2 --Page3 --Page4 Page5 And if you select Page2,Page3,Page5 to be shown as tabs, the add-on should create 2 Tabs Page2 | Page5 And Page2 & Page3 should be in the Submenu?
  13. ajnos

    some things missing in ACP on my Laptop

    Yes exactly. CHeck the sourcecode and you'll see that t-mobile changed the sourcecode from the page! (inline style instead of linking to css files)
  14. ajnos

    some things missing in ACP on my Laptop

    I'm having the same effect and it's because my t-mobile mobile internet!
  15. ajnos

    some things missing in ACP on my Laptop

    Do you use the same internet connection?
  16. ajnos

    [PAID Addon] ragtek Link Pages in Navbar

    I've forgotten to activate the microfon as i was recording the video:D
  17. ajnos

    Add own Navigation Tabs

    No. You can pay 10€ for 6 months or 15€ for 12 months and then you will get access to ALL our add-ons for 6 or 12 months(>10 addons available ATM and growing weekly:)
  18. ajnos

    [PAID Addon] ragtek Link Pages in Navbar

    I've recorded a video: Oh, the autio is missing:( But you can see it in action
  19. ajnos

    [PAID Addon] ragtek Link Pages in Navbar

    This add-on allows you to link your xenforo pages in the xenforo navbar (including highlight feature). For all our subsribed users it's free availabe @ Membershipprice: 10€ for 6 months & 15€ 1 year access to ALL our...