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  1. Tracedef

    MaxCDN Experience

    Was looking at cloudflare and had to pass on it because of some issues with using wordpress multisite ... Using MaxCDN for wordpress and xenforo on same install and have implemented a sub-domain of and everything seems to be running well with xenforo thus far ... Anyone have any...
  2. Tracedef

    Other Xenword Support Help

    We've purchased the Xenword bridge, but there are some permissions issues and other issues we need sorted out, we get locked out of the WP dashboard, etc. .... opened a support ticket the the dev, but the back and forth can take days and days and we need to get this up sooner, rather than later...
  3. Tracedef

    Media Gallery Examples?

    Nice, thank you all .... this helps a lot. I hadn't actually used the add on or seen how it operates within a post ... they've done a really nice job with this ... will definitely include this when we launch ... worst cast scenario is we disable it if it doesn't make sense to use it in the...
  4. Tracedef

    Media Gallery Examples?

    Thanks, I saw that .. but wondering about context ... We own the add on, but are wondering if it will really add value ... would like to see some real world ways that users of a car or video game or enthusiast site will use it ...
  5. Tracedef

    Media Gallery Examples?

    We're looking for sites that are using the media gallery so we can get a better idea of how our users may be able to use it when we launch ... anyone have any links to good media gallery examples?? Not sure if we want to use it or not ..... Thanks!
  6. Tracedef

    For Hire: Need ElasticSearch Installation and Optimization

    Hiya, Title says it all. We need an experienced server admin to install elasticsearch and optimize it. We're on a dedicated / managed server, but our host does not support elasticsearch and it has been failing to start for some reason .. so we have uninstalled it and just need to have it...
  7. Tracedef

    Increase height in ACP (Filter List, Template Edit, and Node Tree)

    Anyone know why these types of changes aren't default? Why do we have to customize ACP from a size that only fits a 15 inch monitor in the first place????
  8. Tracedef

    Update Notices in ACP / Dashboard?

    Gotcha, thanks! T
  9. Tracedef

    Update Notices in ACP / Dashboard?

    Hiya, New to Xenforo .... It doesn't look like new version updates (for 1.4.1, for example) are creating a notification in the dashboard / ACP to communicate an update is available .... is this normal behavior? Thanks in advance!