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  1. TCombs

    Time Zones

    I setup a forum for a client, however something is wrong with the "posted time". To test it, I made a post: I put the time of the post in the thread, which was 11:15am Eastern Daylight Time. The forum show's that I posted it at 11:37am...
  2. TCombs

    Bridge for Vivvo? or Volusion?

    I manage a site for a friend that is using Volusion as his store, Vivvo for his CMS, and VB for his forum. I would love to migrate his forum to xenForo, but the bridge is important. Are there any plans for a "Bridge" between Vivvo/xenForo , Volusion/xenForo, or any combination of the 3? PS -...
  3. TCombs

    Header Image is below Navigation in IE

    I'm customizing my first xenforo forum (which is so much nicer than VB)! The issue I'm having is that in IE, the header image is sitting below the navigation. However, in FF, it looks perfect. Here's a link to the site I'm working on: Any help on...