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    I have generated myself an SSL certificate for my Xenforo forum. I was stupid enough to forget to change the options on my Xenforo forum before installing it. Is there anyway to get http:// to https:// to avoid the error Secure Connection Failed An error occurred during a...
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    Ads after category on index

    I want to place an ad or code after a category on the index page. For example say I have two categories called A and Z I want it to be like this: A Category - A Forum ADVERT HERE Z Category - Z Forum So I pretty much want an ad in between the categories. There is this...
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    Remove & add menu items

    Is there a way to remove a menu item from the header menu that is not needed? Also how do I add new menu items. Can I make my own dropdown menu full of different links
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    Each user has their own permissions

    In phpBB you can set up each users permissions so you could restrict just one person from a forum without doing it user-group wide. Is there a way to grant or restrict individual users from doing certain things on a Xenforo board?
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    Wordpress Integration

    Is there a Wordpress integration so I can have XF have the same theme as my Wordpress?
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    The BEST Forum Software ever

    Thanks. I still remember when I used to fight with you about the cons of XF. :p Nothing wrong with it anymore. May of been a few problems originally but as the software has grown so has my liking of it.
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    I am quite a fan of Family Guy so I may join up and post around. :) Looks like one of the best Family Guy forums I've visited actually.
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    What are you listening to?

    Currently listening to David Bowie :D
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    The BEST Forum Software ever

    I was a little reluctant to join XF at first due to how new it was at the time I was thinking of going with it. But I am so glad to be a customer now. It is the BEST Forum Software. I've used it in the past as an admin or moderator on other sites but having my own license is the best thing I...
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    Woot I am enjoying my little playing around with XF.

    Woot I am enjoying my little playing around with XF.
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    Install Plugins

    Is there a simple way to install plugins?
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    MyBB to XF

    If you're able to. :D I don't have XF yet but I will have it by the end of the weekend.
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    MyBB to XF

    I notice quite a few topics about this and the simple answer is there is no simple way to go from MyBB to XF. How easy is it to do the conversion from MyBB to PhpBB then to XF? I know quite a bit of software conversions etc. Is there anyone who would be willing to do it for me?
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    ❤❒Promotion Box~Out of the Box Promotion❒❤

    One of the best forums out there on the planet.
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    Deciding whether to purchase XF sooner or wait for my community to get more active.

    Deciding whether to purchase XF sooner or wait for my community to get more active.
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    Couple of modification questions

    Hi thinking of buying the software. Couple of questions though. Is there a virtual points modification around the XF? And also is there any blog/gallery modifications built for XF around?
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    Just wondering if there is a MyBB convertor?