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  1. Pope Viper

    Been a while

    Hi guys I currently have a XF 1.5 forum, and let's been a few years since I've worked on it. Do I have to purchase a new license for 2.0, at 140.00, or does the $55 renewal provide access to 2.0 Thanks! Disregard, I found answer quickly.
  2. Pope Viper

    Samsung Note 2014 edition or Ipad Air.

    These are the two I'm stuck between. I don't seem to be able to find the cellular Samsung though. Thoughts?
  3. Pope Viper

    Help me choose a tablet.

    OK, I'm going nuts trying to figure out which tablet to get. Prime considerations: 1) High resolution 2) 3G/4G 3) 10.1 Inch 4) Fair amount of memory 5) Somewhat future proof. Thoughts?
  4. Pope Viper

    Graphic Custom Node Icons

    I'm looking for custom node icons that will better fit into my forum theme. Image attached.
  5. Pope Viper

    Not a bug Problems during upgrade:

    I'm sure I'm the only who's seen this in beta 5. I then got the second error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method XenForo_Model_AddOn::getAllUpdateChecks() in C:\Websites\LHB\ForumTest\library\AddOnInstaller\CronEntry\UpdateCheck.php on line 9
  6. Pope Viper

    The time has come...

    As some of you have seen, I've been fighting some pretty irritating issues with my Windows 2008 server, so now is the time for me to start getting Linux knowledgeable, and take the plunge. I'm going to start with a VM, so I can futz around without causing too much damage, while getting familiar...
  7. Pope Viper

    How screwed am I?

    My server decided to take a shat. I've got the MySQLData directory, however, when I move the files into the new data directory, they're not being recognized. Help!
  8. Pope Viper

    Trophy system driving me craaaaazy

    I'm pretty sure I'm just doing something wrong, that's easy to do, although I'm fearful that part of it cannot be done. In VB, I was able to create custom titles, based on post count, and use HTML to offer an image, and description. For example, from posts 0 to 100, I provided the following...
  9. Pope Viper

    XF 1.1 A Stupid Permissions Question

    I'm in the midst of setting permissions up, and have the following scenario. Various categories that are only accessible via specific groups (normal). So I've put in "never" for other users groups, set up permissions for the specific group I want to have access. When I use my test user, I...
  10. Pope Viper

    Bit stumped.

    I'm in the process of setting up my board permissions, and encountered the attached screen shot. I've got a test user, I've made him a registered user, and when I first log in, I get this: If I make the account an admin, naturally it works. What am I missing? Also - It appears I cannot log...
  11. Pope Viper

    Avatar Import

    On my conversion, the avatars did not come over, due to what I believe is a custom avatar directory error. Is there another method I can bring those over?
  12. Pope Viper

    vBulletin 5 screenshots

    As expected.
  13. Pope Viper


    Just renewed my license! Thanks to Mike, Kier and Ashley for the great product!
  14. Pope Viper

    Something funny happened when I was helping my neighbors.

    I was helping them tear down a playhouse in their yard, when the roof started collapsing. I managed to get out from it landing on me, but when I fell, I suffered a compression fracture of my L3 vertebrae. When X-rayed, I was also told that my bone density is too little for my age. So maybe...
  15. Pope Viper

    Color Laser Printers

    Anyone out there able to recommend any? Looking at doing pictures, plus business usage (brochures/flyers,etc). Thanks!
  16. Pope Viper

    Security/Pen-Test companies.

    My company recently hired a company to do some security analysis and pen-test work for us, and the results were less than satisfactory. Any of you folks who work for mid-large sized companies able to recommend anyone?
  17. Pope Viper

    CSS Sprite.

    I'm out of town, and really need some help. If I provde the images, could someone create a CSS Sprite PSD/PNG for me?
  18. Pope Viper


    Thank you, guys. I want to say how much I appreciate that you guys so quickly resolve the bugs that come out after a version is release, and you communicate what the resolution is. It's different from The Other Place, that I actually get happy when I come here. Again, thank you, and I look...
  19. Pope Viper

    Lack of interest File/Database compare.

    One thing I found useful in VB was the ability to see what files I had in the folder structure that were part of the core package. I also found the database compare utility on to be helpful as well. These allowed me to keep my installs clean, both from the file structure and the...
  20. Pope Viper

    Not a bug Stats Problem.

    To test stats, I made one post, about 10 minutes ago. I then went into stats, and tried to pull it up. Here are my results. Am I doing something wrong?