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    Steps for creating custom alerts

    Hello everybody, thanks for your previous help. Today, i'm here to ask you the steps for creating custom alerts please. ==> What I need, is the different steps i have to do before i can show a custom alert. For example, i've made this line : $alertModel->alertUser(17, 17, 'Zekrose'...
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    Getting xf_token

    Hello ! I would like to get the value of xf_token but I'm a beginneer with xenforo and I can't see how =) Could you help me to get it please ? Thanks ! =) More infos : I would like to get the RED VALUE <form action="account/toggle-visibility" method="post" class="AutoValidator visibilityForm">...
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    [Resolved] Decoding Xenforo Conversations Recipients

    Hello ! I'm wondering how to get variables from this : ---> ["recipients"]=> string(65) "a:1:{i:17;a:2:{s:7:"user_id";i:17;s:8:"username";s:7:"zekrose";}}" <--- ? I would like to get variables from this even if there are xxx variables in that string... And if possible to get them, before asking...
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    XF 1.4 Accidently deleted header template...

    Hello ! I've deleted the 'header' template and now, the user bar is empty... Can someone send me the header template please ?