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  1. S (Re-post, Read why)

    You need to host it. :P
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    Gaming forum

    Glad to hand GamerBB over to you Vinc. :) You've done good things for it since you took over.
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    What image service do you recommend to your members to place images in sigs?

    Use - It's simple, fast, and reliable.
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    More Staff Activity = 1.1 Release Soon.

    Good theory. Makes sense. :P
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    ❤❒Promotion Box~Out of the Box Promotion❒❤

    I've always loved the theme Sylar. Did the background get changed recently?
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    Ads - Project Wonderful - any experience with them?

    I would recommend sticking with Google. :)
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    Time flies ...

    Works for me.
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    Looking forward now to 1.1

    I'm excited for the next version. :D
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    Add-on Adding Tags to threads/posts

    I thought prefixes and tags are too different things....?
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    Add-on Adding Tags to threads/posts

    Wow I was just coming to request this.
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    Banner Changer

    Can somebody make this? Basically I'm looking for a banner changer that can be accessed and changed through a member's profile.
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    Postloop Integration

    I've installed it. :)
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    Looking forward now to 1.1

    So will this new version have a different appearance or will it mostly be new default features?
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    Very impressed, nicely done.
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    [bd] Banking

    Question about Attachments, can they be seen from your profile once purchased?
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    Switching Directories

    I think I got it all worked out with the friendly URLs activated. :D Thanks for all the help... again. ;)
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    Switching Directories

    Crap, I'm at work and can't download a FTP client. :(
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    Switching Directories

    That's probably why. Floris mentioned it would be invisible. Is there a way to make it visible from the Cpanel?
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    Switching Directories

    Yeah, but none of the links work. They all have 404 errors.
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    Switching Directories

    It was a redirect, I think I may have figured it out. for some reason I get this when I tried to log in: 404 Not Found The resource requested could not be found on this server! Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server LiteSpeed Technologies is not responsible for...