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  1. yoghurtfarmer

    Forum Vancouver

    Small regional forum converted from SMF to XF in 2010, only updated to the latest xF version recently. :)
  2. yoghurtfarmer

    Duplicate posts and threads

    For example, when I click "Create Thread" or "Reply", occasionally the post will be duplicated or even quadrupled. It doesn't happen every time and so far only affects my admin account which bypasses time restrictions. My mouse has gotten a bit wonky so I suspect it's just occasionally...
  3. yoghurtfarmer

    April 2012 Google Algorithm Tweaks

    So the day after was implemented, my traffic was halved. Of course, at the time I had no idea why traffic (and adsense revenue) dropped so dramatically. I thought it might have been a recent server move...
  4. yoghurtfarmer

    Customizing Default Notices

    Hi, I'm in the process of updating a 1.0 style to 1.1. I noticed that with the introduction of the Notice system, the 3 default ones have been removed from page_container. They were: Upgrade Pending Notice Board Closed Notice Awaiting Email Confirmation Notice How would I go about...
  5. yoghurtfarmer

    Locate Smiley

    I'm looking for an animated smiley that depicts a :) walking through a door, turning around and closing the door. I've seen it on various forums in the past but haven't been able to track it down lately. Thanks in advance!
  6. yoghurtfarmer

    simplehtmldom Parser Alternatives

    simplehtmldom is a very useful tool but it hasn't been updated since 2008, does anyone know any alternatives? Or... what's the best way (by 2011 standards) to extract information from RSS feeds using PHP? Thanks Edit: Found this...
  7. yoghurtfarmer

    How long do your threads take to get indexed?

    I just posted a thread and it was up on google within 2 minutes :eek:. A few months ago it was around ~15 minutes.
  8. yoghurtfarmer

    Remove a member's avatar

    Does anyone know where this option is? AdminCP only provides an option to upload a new avatar but not one to delete it.
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  10. yoghurtfarmer

    Mobile Style (Work in Progress)

    I'm in the middle of exams, so I decided to procrastinate a bit by fiddling around with the jQuery mobile framework which was mentioned by Russ in this thread: This is about 2 days worth of work editing the xenforo templates to fit...
  11. yoghurtfarmer

    "Inspired by" Xenforo Style

    Sequence of events 1. Someone contacted me asking if I was willing to sell my xenforo style/templates/css. 2. I declined, stating that I want to maintain a unique look for my forum. Encouraged him to create his own and to dig around style properties etc. I said that if he did take some elements...
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    I think someone should do a database query to count the number of times Kier has used FWIW and "For what it's worth" on xenforo. :cool:
  13. yoghurtfarmer

    Not a bug  Facebook Connect issue with FF4?

    When I try to log in with facebook it logs me out after a second or two. This is only with Firefox 4.0 and is a recent problem. No issue with Chrome. Cleared cookies, cache, ran firefox in safe mode to no avail. At first I thought it was all Facebook Connect sites since I was having trouble...
  14. yoghurtfarmer

    Transfer your domain to NameCheap for $4.99, $1 goes to Save the Elephants

    Since NameCheap seems to be popular registrar here, I thought I'd post this. Use coupon code BYEBYEGD. This is their response to Bob Parsons' (GoDaddy's CEO) elephant shooting video. I'm not sure if it's only limited to GoDaddy domains?
  15. yoghurtfarmer

    New smilies

    Just noticed the change to the emoticons Shelley made :). Will this change be reflected in 1.0.0 or would be they offered as an alternative smiley set?
  16. yoghurtfarmer

    Help tracking down problem with posting images and formatted text

    After inserting an image using TinyMCE, clicking Preview will show a blank page and never finish loading. Clicking Reply will just toggle the progress bars indefinitely. Switching the text editor to plain text will show a blank page and never finish loading until the image is removed. In quick...
  17. yoghurtfarmer

    Restoring the subheading for subforums

    Like in previous versions as illustrated below: I can get one to appear in RC1 by adding the following to node_forum_level_2: <xen:if is="{$level} == 2"><div class="categoryStrip"></div></xen:if> but this results in the extra sub-headings on the forum list. Is there a conditional that I can...
  18. yoghurtfarmer

    Has anyone stumbled onto a xenforo powered site through normal browsing?

    Through search engines, social media, linked from a friend, etc... any web surfing that doesn't have to do with forum software, webmasters and the like. I personally haven't yet.
  19. yoghurtfarmer

    New logging in indicator with Facebook Connect

    Does the site take longer to load for anyone else due to the new "Logging In..." overlay? It's a good idea, but not if it slows things down (which is the case for me). This is for not Beta 5.
  20. yoghurtfarmer

    Fixed  Reply pages being indexed with guest posts enabled

    I'm getting stuff like this indexed on google. Maybe there should be a no-index parameter somewhere on these pages? I'll use a robot.txt entry for now.