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    Scrolling Notices Text issue...

    I've 2 notices running on my forum. One is bigger than the other and the text from the bigger notice still in the notice box when the smaller notice is displayed. I've tried to disable add-ons, went back to the default style. I can't solve the problem :( The notices are live ->
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    XF 1.2 Spam Management too restrictive?

    I run XF 1.2.4 and I use the Spam Management function that I really like. However, is this possible that the default settings are a bit too restrictive? When I look at the account that are waiting confirmation, there are many that seem legit to me. Thanks
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    XF 1.2 No more email notification....

    Since this morning, members no more receive email notifications when someone replies to a thread. Any idea? Thanks
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    XF 1.2 Link button in signature???

    Why there is no "Link" button in the signature? All permissions are OK. The only way to add link is using the BB code editor. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
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    AWStats dropped since I upgraded to 1.2.2

    My AWStats daily visitors stats have dropped by 20% since I've upgraded to XF 1.2.2 BUT my Google Analytics stats have increased by 10-15% since 1.2.2 Why? Anyone having the same problem?
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    XF 1.1 File security

    Hi all, I'm moving my Xenforo 1.1.5 forum to a new server. My plan is quite simple. 1) Put the forum in maintenance mode 2) Export the database 3) Copy all files on my PC with FTP 4) Transfer my domain to the new server 5) Import the database to the new server 6) Upload all files to the new...
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    Missing codes after page reload F5 ?

    I have a weird problem with my XenForo forum If I reload the page, my forum shows up with some kind of missing codes and looks weird. If I reload the page immediately, the page is OK, if I reload the page again, it looks bad again. If I click on the logo, it works fine 100% of the time. I've...
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    Related posts add on???

    Anyone know a good related posts add on? I've been looking for one for a while and I find nothing :( Thanks
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    cron.php in html file???

    Maybe it is a newbie question but I noticed that once and a while this line appears in the source. at the end of the file, just before the closing /body and /html What is this ? <img src="cron.php?1342185644" width="1" height="1" alt="" style="display: none" />
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    How to stop spamming?

    Hi all, What is the best way to prevent spamming? I use captcha but spamming seems to come from "human" and mainly from India At first, I'd like to block countries. There is an add-on called Block countries but I didn't find any recent version.
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    Lack of interest Captcha when posting

    To reduce spamming, that would be nice to have an add-on that forces members with less than X posts to enter a captcha to post their messages. Maybe this add-on already exists but I didn't find it yet :)
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    Google Analytics missing guests.....

    Hi all, It seems that Google Analytics Realtime misses few guests on my forum. The forum's stats show Online now: 12 (members: 3, guests: 9) but Googles Analytics Realtime shows only 4 visitors... Anyone having the same issue? Thanks
  13. S - My new forum

    Hi! I just launched a new forum What are your thoughts?
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    New Xenforo user!

    Hi all, I just purchased my first XenForo license yesterday and I'm very happy with the product. I've been hesitating between XF and VB. I think I did a great choice with XF. My forum is almost complete, just need to add few addons and a new dark style (When I figure why I can't download...