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    MG 2.0 Media Navigation Counter

    Hello, how can I refresh the navigation counter for categories? (This one) After moving 6000 albums into categories on my site through MySQL it shows 0 on each. Already rebuild categories, but it seems to take the data from elsewhere.
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    Fixed Misleading upgrade message

    At the first step of the upgrade from xf1 you are asked to migrate the config.php. If you do that follwing message shows: The same message, telling you it worked, shows whether it worked or not. It should either check if it failed and display another message or show a more broad text to begin...
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    XF 2.0 table 'db.xf_deferred' doesn't exist

    Hi, my server error logs show following error: Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception: Mysqli prepare error: Table 'db.xf_deferred' doesn't exist library/Zend/Db/Statement/Mysqli.php:77 Stack Trace #0 /is/htdocs/path/www/page/xenforo2018/library/Zend/Db/Statement.php(115)...
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    XF 1.5 Questions regarding IPB 3 -> Xenforo 1.5 (->2.0)

    Hello, I made a test import from my IPB3 Board to Xenforo 1.5 and I come across some difficulties regarding how to proceed. 1. Some of the ipb BBCode did not get translated into xf BBCode. From what I saw, I have to use this tool...
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    Browser issue Different colors in firefox/chrome

    Not sure if this is a issue on my end or a general issue, but in xf1 and xf2 the colors seem to be different in firefox than they are in chrome: (lighter blue: #185886 in firefox) (darker blue: #2c5585 in chrome) This effects the blue at the top/bottom of the side aswell as text like the...
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    Not a bug Banned email address phrase quite confusing

    The language file: email_address_you_entered_has_been_banned_by_administrator phrase: The email address you entered has been banned by the administrator. Please try another. The text shows when I ban a specific email address of a user and when I ban a whole email service provider. I think it is...
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    XF 2.0 How do I replace Node-Icons

    I would like to change the two speech bubbles (read/unread forum) into something else. Can someone please tell me where/how I can replace them?
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    Duplicate Style properties page broken in firefox

    Using firefox 55.0.3 (32bit) Looks awful.
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    Fixed Browse Album pagenavigation working wrong

    Starting point: A click on the navigation () leads you to the normal media ( instead of the next page of albums.
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    Implemented [Gallery] Next/Prievous Picture please

    Next and prievous picture buttons are missing. Right now you go into an album with 2 or more pictures, open a picture, have to press back in the browser and go to the next.
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    XF 1.5 IPB 3.4 gallery import: Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '20953' for key 'PRIMARY'

    Hello, trying to get a testboard running and I got a problem with the import of the gallery images. Every time it stops at a certain image ID with following error message: Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '20953' for key 'PRIMARY' Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli->_execute() in...
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    Won't fix  White Header Space / No border right (800x600)

    Hello, tested the Forum in 800x600 solution and found out, that the header graphic does not reach the end of the right side: Screen one below. Also the border on the right side seem to be missing, maybe on purpose, but as you can see on both screens it looks a bit bruised that way. Best...