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  1. zastavra

    Recalculate users total warning points query

    Hello, How can I recalculate users warning points?
  2. zastavra

    Lack of interest Option to close comments

    Please, add an option, based on user group permissions, to close - lock comments in media gallery pages. Thanks.
  3. zastavra

    MG 1.1 Change media gallery picture

    Is there any way to change the picture in a media webpage or you have to delete that media and create a new one with the new photo? The main reason that I need to know that is because I don't want to lose the back links to the media page, just because I want to change the picture.
  4. zastavra

    Why forums don't have H2 headings

    I just wonder, why forums don't have H2 heading tags in order to be used for articles or maybe for long forum posts? Is there any particular reason?
  5. zastavra

    MG 1.1 ErrorException: Fatal Error: Call to undefined method

    Hello, I'm getting this error after XenGallery 1.1.0 Beta 1 upgrade. Xenforo 1.5.0 Beta 3
  6. zastavra

    XF 1.4 Keyword rich URLs

    Hello, If you were starting today a forum, what kind of URL structure would you choose? Will you choose the "include content title in the URLs" or you would prefer to leave it off? Do you think that keyword rich titles nowdays still have SEO value comparing to a cleaner full friendly URLs...
  7. zastavra

    New tab in New Posts page

    Hello, I would like to have a new tab beside the existing ones in the new posts page, for showing only the new posts from a specific forum. How can I do that?
  8. zastavra

    XF 1.4 Permission error to all new registrations

    The last couple of days I have noticed that every new registered member is getting a permission error right after the registration process. I have to rebuilt the user cache in order to solve the problem. How can I fix that please?
  9. zastavra

    Installing WordPress in a subdirectory

    I have Xenforo installed in the root directory and I just installed WordPress in /articles sub directory. Well, everything is working fine using the WordPress default URL structure but when I am changing it to the WordPress post is getting redirected to Xenforo's...
  10. zastavra

    XF 1.4 Show notice to the thread starter

    I couldn't find anything related in this forum, so my question is, how can I show a notice only to the thread starter - creator? I guess it's a Controller and Action thing but, what values should I use?
  11. zastavra

    XF 1.4 Remove "Last edited by a moderator"

    Hello, How can I remove "Last edited by a moderator" notice from all posts? Thanks.
  12. zastavra

    Bounce emails are getting stack in queue

    Hi, The xf automated bounced email handler is not working because all bounce emails are getting stack in queue (deferred). I tried a few suggestions I found around but nothing changed. Any ideas please? Ubuntu 12.04 Postfix Plesk
  13. zastavra

    XF 1.4 vB attachments and avatars folders left on server

    Hello, I have these two folders on my server since I had vBulletin installed. Is xenforo still using them after the import/installation? Can I remove them?
  14. zastavra

    XF 1.4 Avatar 404 error

    Hello, The URL returns 404 Not Found. There is nothing related in server logs though. Any help solving this please.
  15. zastavra

    XF 1.3 Regular expressions Greek characters only

    Hello, I'd like my members to use Greek characters only, in a certain custom field. What's the regular expressions that I have to use? Thanks.
  16. zastavra

    Beta versions on

    Hello, I was just wondering, why you are not installing beta versions on It'll make it more tempting for us to give it a try.
  17. zastavra

    XF 1.3 Main content equal to user info block

    Hello, How can I set min-height for Main content to be same height as user info block in every post? Thanks
  18. zastavra

    Is my.conf OK?

    Hello, I run Xenforo on a VPS, 2GB, Ubuntu 12.04 lts, nginx/1.1.19, PHP 5.4.23, Zend OPcache v7.0.2, memcached and mysql percona 5.5. Can you please take a look at my.conf to see if it's OK? [client] port = socket = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock #...
  19. zastavra

    I need an htaccess redirect

    Guys, I need an htaccess redirect to handle my old vB pagination URLs to the new xF ones. Example: redirect to Thanks!
  20. zastavra

    xenforo server optimization

    I run xenforo on a VPS, 2GB ram, 50GB disk. My forum has ~15K users, 200K posts, ~200-300 posts per day and ~20 members online. Can you help me please to get the most of my server for this size of forum? Thanks.