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  1. Carl Joseph Markham

    Removing xenforo copyright

    If someone chooses to remove the copyright license they just have to pay for the specific package. But what happens if someone decides to remove the copyright without paying? It would be preety easy to remove the html from one of the tpl files. I havent purchased xenforo so I am not talking...
  2. Carl Joseph Markham

    Question About Xenforo templating system

    I have noticed, from a few posts, that xenforo uses custom html tags in its code. Like <xen:sidebar>. my question is how is this done? how does the script interpret this?
  3. Carl Joseph Markham

    Why Cant I Add Topics Or View Attachments?

    I cant view attachments, and when trying to add a new topic is says insuffiecient privilages. Is this because i am not a XenForo customer?