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  1. MrLeft

    Multiple Domains Clarification

    Technically this isn't so much a pre-sales question as it is a pre-install question since I bought a couple licences ages ago during the whole trial thing. Just want to get a clarification before investing time getting things started with xF. I have a group of domains that will sort of be...
  2. MrLeft

    Mobile Development?

    Facts: - In May global internet traffic through mobile devices reached 10% and climbing fast! - Most estimates say mobile internet access will actually surpass PC in 2-4 years! - The Xenforo crew have mentioned they've been working on a Mobile skin since last year! - Since January the Xen crew...
  3. MrLeft

    Wow! Looking great!

    Just took a first peak yesterday and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the thought behind almost all details of XF! Some of you might know me as DJ RRebel on the vB forums and I have extremely vocal at how although I still love vB, it is falling FAR short of its potential. Not only...