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  1. kano

    Add-on Show Usergroup can be change by User

    Hello everybody:) my request is an addon which allow that the Users can be switch between their groups. For example the User is in group X,Y and Z (Z is the highest usergroup), but the user want the Username Style from the group X that he can change this by himself. Greetz kano
  2. kano

    XF 1.2 Show User Group can be changed by user

    Hello Community, my question is, it is possible that the User can choose between his show user group? For example, the User is in the UserGroup X,Y and Z. The highest Usergroup is Z but he want that his Username is in the Style from the Usergroup X or Y. Greetz
  3. kano

    Installation Server Error

    Hey guys, i got an error by installing xenforo on my server: Greetz kano