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  1. RichardGaspa

    Windows 10 Beta Tester

    Are there any other beta testers out here for windows 10?
  2. RichardGaspa

    What I done right ….. and wrong

    By now some of you have discovered that Veterans's story has come to an end. While performing my final acts as the founder and administrator of this site, I thought it was worth my time to write about what I know I have done right and even more important what I done wrong. Many of...
  3. RichardGaspa

    How do you like our Sway?

    We are trying out a new feature and a new way of posting content on our site. It's called Sway. It is a new way of presenting content. It lets the author of the post embed photos, videos, sound and much more in a posting. As a viewer, you can view the embedded content by moving your mouse over...
  4. RichardGaspa

    I love XenForo Community support

    I love the XenForo community. It's so nice that XenForo has such active and helpful community members. I would have to rate the active community support that I have received since moving to XenForo last December one of the greatest features about XenForo and it free. :) Just wanted to take a...
  5. RichardGaspa

    Veterans open for suggestions

    Hi, I am Rick Gaspa, the founder of Veterans - "We Are The Voice Of The American Veteran". Our mission: We strive to be all we can be as a media outlet dedicated to discussing active military and veterans issues. Our content will convey a vast variety of informative and...
  6. RichardGaspa

    I hate broken links

    I know I am probably asking for too much here but here goes. We attached videos from Youtube a lot on my site. Images are also attached via a URL to new threads as we require at least one (1) related content type image to every new thread posted. ( I feel the related content image requirement...
  7. RichardGaspa

    Spam trigger setting

    I am a little (actually a lot) confused with the Spam trigger settings in Xenforo. I set them up from what I think they should be. I attached a capture of the setting page in XenForo. Do I have these setting correct? Should I make any changes? I am stumped!
  8. RichardGaspa

    Health File Check Error

    I am getting errors after running File Health Check (please see below) Anyone have an idea what these errors mean? Still learning XenForo so they are like a new language to me. I am thinking they are from an addon I am running but can't tell which one from looking at the errors. Thanks in...
  9. RichardGaspa

    Any ideas how I can solve my new user problem?

    I have been bombarded in the last week by new user registrations. The new user registration information entered are all American names and cities and states in the United States for the location but always different. About 90% of the new users (with an IP address in Russia and the Ukraine)...
  10. RichardGaspa


    I am looking for a good FAQ system to be used with XenForo. I am constantly being asked the same questions over and over again from my new members. The help pages (and the contact link for that matter) to the right bottom of XenForo seem to be worthless as my members never seem to find them way...
  11. RichardGaspa

    User Option - Online Status Timeout (minutes)

    On the "User Option" page you will find an option for "Online Status Timeout (minutes)". I am using 10 minuets for this setting. I was wondering what the norm is for this setting? Do most folks use an greater or smaller number for this setting or is 10 minuets about right?
  12. RichardGaspa

    Memorial Day 2015

    Commitment. Sacrifice. Inspiration. It starts with a signature and an oath — a pledge to serve our country and protect our freedom at any cost. For some, that commitment leads to the ultimate sacrifice. On Memorial Day, we remember the men and women who have given everything in their service...
  13. RichardGaspa

    Not enough new members

    I have a problem and hope I describe the problem so any readers understand what I am trying to ask. The name of my site is Veterans and the content is 100% veteran and military related. I feel I am not getting as many new users to the site as I should be each month. The new users...
  14. RichardGaspa

    Add-on XenForo - Facebook addon

    Is there an addon that will take the full first thread and then the replies and forward it to a facebook account and then take the same information that is posted on facebook and add it to the XenForo forum available?
  15. RichardGaspa

    Need a audio addon

    Is there a addon that would let me add an audio file in a posting? I tried to use AndyB addon but the server I am using would not allow it.
  16. RichardGaspa

    HTML Code

    I have seen a lot of areas in XenForo that it says " You may use HTML ". I am not too familiar with HTML. Is there a place on the internet or a program that I can download and then enter the document that I write and change it over to HTML?
  17. RichardGaspa

    is there an addon or can someone make one that dose this?

    I am looking for an addon that would do the following: I have a lot of guests and members who copy content from my site and paste the content in a message on another site. I would like when they copy the content on my site and then paste it on a third party site the link to my site shows up in...
  18. RichardGaspa

    What happens when you move a thread

    I have a new "In The News" forum on our site, and we have been adding current and news worthy postings here and then featuring this news article for a day or so depending on the replies it gets. What happens when we move the tread into another forum area down the road. Does this action mess up...
  19. RichardGaspa

    Need a good and EASY to use FTP program

    Can anyone please recommend a good and EASY to use FTP program? I use to use FileZiller, but it is now loaded with add ware - The latest reviews are very bad due to this.
  20. RichardGaspa

    How can I move the compleate thread at one time?

    There are times I need to move a COMPLEATE thread to another area. I have successfully moved the primary (first) posting but can't seem to find a way to move the complete thread. ( meaning all the replies at the same time) When I do move a posting; the replies stay and the first /primary...