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  1. JamesBrown

    What do you want to see in 2.1?

    Should have bought that lottery ticket :D
  2. JamesBrown

    XF 2.1 Reactions 👍😍🤣😲🙁😡

    Presently we are using Luke's Post Ratings addon, will we able to import/keep those ratings scores?
  3. JamesBrown

    XF 1.5 IPad and the editor

    I’m using a 10.5 inch iPad Pro and really struggling to properly select text when making and editing posts on an xFv1.5 forum, is anyone else struggling or is this peculiar to my setup somehow.
  4. JamesBrown

    XF 2.0 Lose "New" Posts Altogether

    Did this ever happen, or did it stay on "New"
  5. JamesBrown

    Ensure compliance as a Progressive Web App

    I get asked a few times for an "App" seems most instances, when you get to specifics what they want is a shortcut on their home phone screen, tell them how to do that and they are happy they have an "App" :doh:
  6. JamesBrown

    [TH] Reactions [Paid]

    Is there an option for the reactions to be visible all of the time? Rather than have to hover or click to see them. Thanks
  7. JamesBrown

    XF 2.0 Upgrade Error

    Thanks, Chris, I for some reason still had that domain sat at php5. Sorted it's now installing as I type. Cheers
  8. JamesBrown

    XF 2.0 Upgrade Error

    I don’t recall. And right now I can’t get access to find out.
  9. JamesBrown

    XF 2.0 Upgrade Error

    Upgrading a forum from 1.5 to 2. I've uploaded the files but when I point to the install directory I get the following error. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks Exception: There is no suitable CSPRNG installed on your system in src/vendor/paragonie/random_compat/lib/random.php at line 213...
  10. JamesBrown

    MG 2.0 How do I upgrade?

    Just upgraded forum from xF 1.2 to 2 That was easy. Now I want to upgrade the media gallery. The help file just says to upgrade in the normal way. But the old gallery is listed as a legacy addon with no upgrade option, so that's impossible. What am I missing..Thanks
  11. JamesBrown

    [bd] Widget Framework

    The Framework is running on OK my xf 1.5 site, no issues with it. However when I try to create a competition using @Chris D 's competition Mod I get this error. This only occurs when trying to run Chris's addon but Chris can't help as he says it's within the Widget framework. I don't have...
  12. JamesBrown

    XF 2.0 Replacing WordPress with Xenforo

    I use xenword, then you have the best of both worlds. Google loves a wordpress site, and with this addon the forum users interact seamlessly with the wp content . It works a treat and is well supported.
  13. JamesBrown

    Is there a way to put users on each other's "ignore" lists?

    They'll soon work it out though. Far better to get them in a conversation together and let them know that their spats are ruining the community, and ask them what they think you should do about it. 8 times out of 10 a conversation like this sorts it out, sometimes not for long but generally...
  14. JamesBrown

    What do you want to see in 2.1?

    My top four wishes, with the "most likely to happen" wish saved to last. Upload Video to a post Push Notifications Upload Video to a post Win Euromillions Lottery
  15. JamesBrown

    Start a forum in year 2017? Are you crazy?!

    I have 3 kids from 18 to 26. They've all independently ditched facebook in the last 18 months. The family communication is all done with Whatsapp and the kids social media platform seems to be Instagram.
  16. JamesBrown

    Blogs and Social Group Addons for XF2?

    I'd buy 3 or 4 copies of a good Social groups addon (y)
  17. JamesBrown

    GDPR discussion thread

    In situations like this, I just put the ball back in their court with a quick letter. Any arguing back and forth is pointless and is just what they want. Once I've sent this letter I will only respond if the claim is escalated but of course, they rarely are and I enjoy imagining them read it...
  18. JamesBrown

    GDPR discussion thread

    I Agree entirely. House rules are house rules agree to them or don't join. As an aside, I'm really surprised, the 25th has come and gone and no one died ;) Meanwhile in the UK Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme, what we guessed to be the case...
  19. JamesBrown

    [Nobita] Integration (Subscribe/Unsubscribe) [Paid]

    The checkbox "Agree with GDPR policy" on sign up is not needed. I don't have a "GDPR policy" Most people call it a "Privacy Policy" and that is accepted by users at registration already. How can I remove "Agree with GDPR policy" on sign up. It should not be there and is quite confusing to...
  20. JamesBrown

    Can someone tell me if this paragraph is, in essence, GDPR Compliant or not

    S So are saying it’s illegal for someone to exclude another from a forum if they don’t want to have the newsletter?