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    XF 1.5 Upload completes, then 500 error

    I upgraded from 1.3.1 to 1.5, and since then uploads complete (as shown in console) but then fail with the "There was a problem uploading your file." I've tested 1MB, 50MB, 250MB, and 500MB files (server limit and XenForo limit is 2GB). There have been no php configuration changes. I've...
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    XF 1.2 URGENT: 500 error register/register

    Suddenly registration stopped working. After a user has entered all information and clicks register all they see is 'an expected database error occurred'. I've tried to: Repair the database using phpmyadmin Check error_log Disabled all addons Check apache logs Submit a ticket to cPanel...
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    Not a bug IE10 Gradients

    Here's an example of a simple CSS gradient: background:-webkit-gradient( linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0.05, #ededed), color-stop(1, #dfdfdf) ); background:-moz-linear-gradient( center top, #ededed 5%, #dfdfdf 100% )...
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    Warning Regarding Current PayPal Reversals

    I made a post about a reversal earlier, which was removed for reasons I understand. However I thought it worth mentioning that whilst on the phone to PayPal they are claiming that random transactions are being flagged and coming up as reversals at the moment - they don't know why and are...
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    Just a warning to any sellers on here. The following user has used a PayPal reversal and, as we all know, PayPal doesn't like people selling digital goods. <removed>
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    [XenTheory] xenMetro [Paid] [Deleted]

    xenTheory submitted a new resource: xenMetro - A clean, Metro-inspired style with 4 colour options included Read more about this resource...
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    [XenTheory] XenUnion [Paid] [Deleted]

    Piers submitted a new resource: [XenTheory] XenUnion - A clean, dark and responsive style for xenForo 1.2.x Read more about this resource...
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    Style Switcher?

    Sorry if this is in the incorrect sub-forum but I'm not entirely sure where to post this, or if posting it here is appropriate. I have two questions. 1) I would like to add some sort of 'style switcher' for xenForo customers to view live demonstrations of Styles before they buy. I've seen it...
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    XF 1.2 Remove this white border?

    I've nearly completed my newest theme and it's taken quite a while. I've done 99% of all styling using the Style Properties and modified a few templates, one of the last parts is this annoying border. I've inspected the element, viewed the source and checked every Style Property as well as...
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    What to charge for a Style?

    I do a lot of design work but xenForo is new, I've released two styles so far but trying to get an idea of what a good price to charge is. The baseline is low - which is competitive and good for users - but it still leaves confusion. I would like to know what people think is an acceptable cost...
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    [XenTheory] XenNotion [Paid] [Deleted]

    Piers submitted a new resource: [XenTheory] XenNotion - A clean and responsive style with emphasis on light/dark contrast Read more about this resource...
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    [XenTheory] XenLinear [Paid] [Deleted]

    Piers submitted a new resource: XENLinear - A clean and responsive style Read more about this resource...
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    XF 1.2 Zend_Db_Adapter_Mysqli_Exception

    Checked the admins logs today and saw one error, this one: Am I correct in thinking it's a prefix problem, or something related to that? Or am I totally wrong.
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    XF 1.2 Blank Alerts

    The built in Alerts function produces an error - an alert is made by there is no link, no text and the box isn't clickable. I've also tested the bd tag me addon and the same problem occurs. Anyone have any ideas? It's a simple 1.15 to 1.2 upgrade and produced no errors, there were also no...
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    SQL Tuner help?

    The largest database on the server my forum is on is the xenForo database at 600MB. I've run MySQLTuner and these are the results, I think it's set up well enough but not really too sure. Any pointers would be appreciated.
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    XF 1.2 Help Pages - missing div

    As the image shows, the baseHtml is not inside the correct div - I'm not sure which edit I made but, as you can see, it looks out of place compared to the rest of the site. Any ideas?
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    Changes to copyright wording?

    At the moment my footer says However it overlaps on the responsive design, would it be possible to change it to Or another string that might be used just to make it a little smaller? I could reduce the font size but I see little point.
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    xenForo + Cloudflare, how?

    Sorry if this is not in the correct section but I'm confused about using Cloudflare with xF. It's mainly for security and not as a CDN. I've searched and people appear to have it working, however when I've tried all my .htaccess redirects (phpBB -> xF) broke and uploads failed. Any ideas?
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    License and dev site

    I have a xenForo install on another domain, this is not for public use and only serves for template creation and editing - is this acceptable under the terms of the license? Also this domain is on another server and I've set standard CPU, RAM and B/W allowances for this account to see how...
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    RM 1.0 More upload errors...

    Again, more upload errors. Server hardware is fine, flash uploaders work on everything else I've tried that isn't xenForo... Paste of console: