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    Lack of interest Suggestion: SPAM Stats

    I think this one would be easy to do but it would be great if I could get information on where spammers and spambots are coming from. For example, I have a lot of 122.162.x.x spam from Airtel Broadband in India (my site has both legitimate India traffic but also a high percentage of spam from...
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    XF 1.3 Any way or plans to make links fetch page titles from target?

    One of the nice things that vbSEO had was the ability to fetch a link and make it display in a prettier fashion. So instead of it would change the user input link automatically to "Webmaster Tools | Google" linked with the URL entered. Is there any way or plan...
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    XF 1.3 vBSEO w/ vBulletin conversion - hopeless?

    My basic issue is that I am completely unable to get nginx rewrite rules working. I have spent quite awhile on this and realistically it is the last bit before I can go live on XF 1.3. After nginx rules work the tasks left are simply doing the data conversion and updating permissions. The VM is...
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    XF 1.2 Hoping this helps others fix an installation error

    This is quite interesting. I had a server with XF 1.2.5 up and running with CentOS 6.5 + centmin mod yesterday. I used about a 1 month old SQL dump for the old forum. I wanted to practice the installation and move to a 1.3 RC so I reverted the VM to a previous version, installed the new vhost...
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    Last step before purchase: Conversion Plan

    Hi, This has been covered a few times before in older threads but after a reach out or two with no response I am looking for a quick conversion plan for my current site. Here's the setup: vB 4.2.1 with vbseo ~30k posts and 3k users MariaDB backend nginx for web server CentOS base Linux OS...