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  1. panghao

    MG 2.0 video direct link ?

    is it possible to add media via video direct link from other sever or cloud?
  2. panghao

    RM 2.0 Can't edit and save Resources which create in RM1.2

    After upgrade to RM 2.0, i found admin can't edit and save Resources which create in RM1.2. and also can't edit and save Resources which create in RM2.0. shows "Oops! We ran into some problems. Please try again later. More error details may be in the browser console." and no details. i checked...
  3. panghao

    download multiple files via external URL links

    hi is it possible to have multiple external url links ?since all my resource file links to another server, and one resource has more than 1 file (max 10 files). i really need this feature for one resource with multiple external url links. (can secure all my links) now, i separate them to one...
  4. panghao

    MG 1.1 can't play video which i uploaded.

    video format : mp4 size : >10mb i also enable ffmpeg, keep showing video could not loaded... did i miss something ?
  5. panghao

    RM 2.0 about upgrade to RM2.0..

    Can i upgrade to RM2.0 in XF1.5.15 ?