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  1. dihuta

    Search box on Gallery Embed Dialog

    Hi, My forum has more 100K photos, sometime I want to insert one of them into my current post. It's great to have a Search/Filter Box on Embed Dialog so I can type a keyword to search and insert it. Thank you.
  2. dihuta

    Duplicate Like button on Embedded media

    I suggest a Like button on Embedded medias in a post. So we can Like a photo/video right on that post without open it in Gallery page.
  3. dihuta

    Fixed A server error occurred. Please try again later. After insterting some medias into a reply post then I can not open this thread anymore.
  4. dihuta

    Like & Comment & Share on Embbeded Gallery

    Hi @Chris D It's great to have Like, comment and share button on the button of Embbeded Gallery frame. Thank you.
  5. dihuta

    Implemented Notices for Un-Applied Template Modifications

    Hi! Sometime we modify templates or update Addons, some Template Modifications would not be applied. Could we have some notices for this issue (may be an option to turn it on or off)? Thank you.
  6. dihuta

    Third party Can not login with Google on iOS

    Hi! I can not login into Xenforo (both on my forums & with my Google account. When I click "Login with Google button", the page just get stuck there, there is no redirect to Google Login page. This happen only on iOS (I test with my iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 8.3). Thank you.
  7. dihuta

    [Tinhte] Node Converter (Forum <-> Category)

    Dinh Thanh submitted a new resource: [Tinhte] Node Converter (Forum <-> Category) - Convert forum node to category node or category note to forum node Read more about this resource...
  8. dihuta

    Batch Posts Update

    We have Batch Threads Update, but we don't have Batch Posts Update yet. So I would like to request this feature. What do I use it for: Search posts with specific keywords then Delete/moderate/update Hard-delete soft-deleted posts Delete specific/all posts of an user ... Thank you.
  9. dihuta

    [Tinhte] HTML5 Uploader (Unmaintained)

    Dinh Thanh submitted a new resource: [Tinhte] HTML5 Uploader - HTML5 Multiple File Uploader for Xenforo Read more about this resource...
  10. dihuta

    Fixed Microdata error: All resource item detail pages

    Item: url= type: property: itemreviewed:View Map votes:0 average:0 best:5 Error: votes field is 0. Error: Rating could not be normalized. Error: Please provide best and worst. Screenshot...
  11. dihuta

    Litespeed support forum was moved to Xenforo & SPDY will be supported on LSWS 5.0

    Today I check Litespeed (Web Browser) support forum and I saw that it was moved to Xenforo. All of my Web servers are Litespeed and I'm happy to see they also chose Xenforo :) This is a great news for Xenforo fans. Another good news is SPDY will be supported in LSWS 5.0! URL...
  12. dihuta

    Lack of interest Keyboard shortcuts for Align buttons

    Hello! My forum members are usually use align buttons. But they are grouped. Could Mike/Kier add keyboard shortcuts for them, at least Align Center button? Thank you.
  13. dihuta

    Implemented Responsive Support for RM

    Resource Manager is not fully responsive on 1.2. Please add support responsive. Thanks.
  14. dihuta

    Facebook Newsfeed redesign, really, really "Responsive"
  15. dihuta

    oh oh, my xf_ip table is so big (14.2GB)

    Today I check my database and found that the second largest table on my database is xf_ip. It's 14.2GB, Crazy! So I want to empty it but don't any issue will happen if I truncate this.
  16. dihuta

    is Xenforo friendly url of Image attachments good for SEO (Google Image Search)

    Today I try to find "screen-shot-2012-05-16-at-8-27-21-am-png" on Google, Google didn't see any url have "screen-shot-2012-05-16-at-8-27-21-am-png". But it's exist here: with url...
  17. dihuta

    Which PHP version are you using for your Xenforo forum?

    Which PHP version are you using for your Xenforo forum? I'm using 5.3.19
  18. dihuta

    It's best to use Responsive Design, but if you can't what should you do?

    Nice article to read if you couldn't do a Responsive design: Detail:
  19. dihuta

    [Tinhte] Add More Currency (s)

    Dinh Thanh submitted a new resource: [Tinhte] Add More Currency (s) (version 1.0.0) - Add more currency (s) to Xenforo for your User Upgrade Read more about this resource...
  20. dihuta

    [Tinhte] More XenForo Permissions

    Dinh Thanh submitted a new resource: [Tinhte] More XenForo Permissions (version 1.0) - Allow/Disallow specific user-group access Who's Online & Member List pages Read more about this resource...