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  1. SuchMuch

    How Do You Reward Users Donated?

    How do I reward users donated for forum needs? Should I customize their profile/title? Provide more privileges? What is the best practice? Do you use addons for this? What are they?
  2. SuchMuch

    Front Page that Connects 2 Forums

    Hi guys, I have 2 separate forums running different languages, but corresponding to the same subject. It would be great to have a front page that allows to choose right forum in connection with language selected. If I'm not mistaken front page is what I need. Would you pls point what front page...
  3. SuchMuch

    Xenforo Bridge for Flynax

    I'm in touch with flynax developer and it seems he is ready to make xenforo bridge to flynax. Probably flynax plugin will cost usd 45 but and there is no estimated date it will be released. I own both XF and flynax and I'm ready to buy subject addon. So the question are: - how many of you are...
  4. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 How do I sort choices in Custom User Field without impacting on choices Members already done?

    How do I sort choices (check boxes) in Custom User Field without impacting on choices Members already done? I have a custom user field with check boxes, Members have already checked the boxes they want. I want to rearrange the order choices appear. When I set the new order of choices to appear...
  5. SuchMuch

    No access to Admin Control Panel

    I did a "Rebuild Master Data" and Admin Control Panel is no longer available. I get below white (empty) page when I'm trying to access Admin Control Panel: What am I supposed to do next? PS. However site is still accessible
  6. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 How does XF treat user account when it's being logged in from 2 different devices (2 different ips)?

    How does XF treat user account when it's being logged in from 2 different devices (2 different ips) at once? I have been reported that XF locks account... Furthermore there are some questions: 1. How to log in using 2 different devices (2 different ips), E.g.: smartphone and tablet, at once...
  7. SuchMuch

    Pls advise commercial standalone CRM software?

    I'm looking for a commercial standalone CRM software (1-5 persons) with price not exceeding usd 200. Don't want to go for a cloud solution. What would you advise to look at? Thnks in advance!
  8. SuchMuch

    Pls advise commercial auction+classifieds software

    Looking for a commercial auction+classifieds software with price not exceeding usd 300/1 license. What would you advise to look at? By the way, Happy New Year! :)
  9. SuchMuch

    Disappeared Avatars in Forum View + Invisible Robots

    Setting up new forum I faced 2 issues: 1. Avatars disappeared in forum view: 2. It's reported there are some robots present online but I observe no one: Am I missing some settings done correctly?
  10. SuchMuch

    How to treat Members promoting shops/stores via conversations

    Hi, Pls advise how to treat Members practicing advertisements via personal messages (conversations)? What is yr experience? First of all, our forum rules forbid any blatant advertisements in posts/conversations. I noticed one guy who represents home shop was engaged in conversations too often...
  11. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 How do I rid off ******* addon restore Xenforo Installation?

    The very first time I run into the problems with Xenforo was after installing ******* plugin: *******'s panel page was just blank (white page). I provided access to ******* and somehow they sorted this out and I was able to set ******* Advanced Rules. Every other update of existing addons (even...
  12. SuchMuch

    Duplicated post

    From time to time there is a duplicated post appear (1.jpg). When I choose to delete 1 of them, both of them are deleted (2.jpg). When I press button "show deleted post", it appears there is only 1 post that was deleted (3.jpg). Then I press "undelete" and the post is restored (4.jpg) and the...
  13. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 Embedding Excel File into XF

    Hi, I have an Excel file with drop-down menus and complicated formulas, how can I embed it into thread instead of attaching and downloading file?
  14. SuchMuch

    Unique Content

    Hi All, There is a unique content on my forum that is not present on other sites/forums. It's a matter of time members will take content and post on other sites/forums. Is there is some kind of soft that I could insert unique content and it will find (using popular search engines) stolen...
  15. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 Yahoo mail service handles emails from the forum as spam

    I'm fed up with messages non delivered just to stupid yahoo mail service... ***qte*** SMTP error from remote mail server after MAIL FROM:<admin@my_xenforo_forum_mail> SIZE=17976: host []: 421 4.7.0 [TS02] Messages from temporarily deferred...
  16. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 Super Moderator with restrictions to 1 or 2 forums

    How to add Super Moderator who will be able to moderates all the forums except few specified?
  17. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 Delete a Report

    I've made a test report and don't know how to delete it.... How it could be done?
  18. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 How to position custom field right below user title?

    Pls adv how to position custom field right below user title? E.g.: I'd like to have field "Name: Test Name" to be positioned right below Title: "Detectorist"
  19. SuchMuch

    Large Size of MySQL Database

    Hi, My forum consists of: Members: 69 Discussions: 231 Messages: 1,714 MySQL database size is 347,7 Mb It seems to me the MySQL database size is too large. What should be done to keep it optimized?
  20. SuchMuch

    XF 1.5 How to Get Images Uploaded to Forum Automatically Watermarked?

    Images uploaded to Xenforo Media Gallery are automatically watermarked due to settings. But I really cannot figure out how to force images uploaded to forum to be watermarked automatically... What steps should be done to have all images uploaded by users to forum be watermarked automatically?