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  1. Geit

    Fixed Undefined index error in XenResource_Listener_Proxy_ControllerFindNew

    We're having an undefined index error show up in our logs a few times a day. The resource with the id #1107 has been soft-deleted by its creator, so I'm guessing this is an issue with unregistered users being unable to view deleted resources. I've applied a guard within the for loop to...
  2. Geit

    Fixed :-moz-placeholder deprecated, removed in Firefox 24

    Text inputs in XenForo 1.2 use the ":-moz-placeholder" psuedo-class, which was deprecated in FF19 in favour of "::-moz-placeholder" and appears to have been removed entirely in Firefox 24 (I can't find a bugzilla report to back this up, but it does appear to be the case when using the latest...