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  1. Okenyon

    XF 1.5 Strange SMTP issues. Please take a look and help if you can.
  2. Okenyon

    XF 1.5 Strange SMTP error. Please take a look and help if you can.
  3. Okenyon

    XF 1 SMTP specialist.

    My SMTP integration with amazon SES is throwing up lots of errors. Need someone to come in and fix. Inbox me please.
  4. Okenyon

    XF 1.5 Export users from certain join date?

    Is it possible to export users who have joined since 2xxx for example?
  5. Okenyon

    Tips to get more registrations.

    Hey guys, one of our properties does in excess of 50k UV's a month however we only see on average 200 or less registrations. That's less than a 1% conversion rate of sign ups. So I was wondering, have you installed any plugins, any incentives, and new sign up modals, made changes that have...
  6. Okenyon

    Would YOU use this service?

    Of course, it would be monthly rolling with an annual option for a discount.
  7. Okenyon

    Would YOU use this service?

    I don't see an issue here, we'd start relative and engaging topics around your niche and also some off topic games etc to encourage engagement. We've (my girlfriend) been doing this for several of ours and other forums and it's working. I guess we could also throw in some moderation also so you...
  8. Okenyon

    Would YOU use this service?

    Hey guys, here to validate a service that we may roll out. The reason we're thinking of rolling this out is because it's a problem i've personally faced several times and a service i'd personally use all day long. Now, I know that forum posting services aren't new, and a lot have come and...
  9. Okenyon

    Weekly Digest

    Hey @AndyB, is this still supported? When I have this installed alongside my email bounce configuration they conflict and neither work. Has this been resolved before? Thank you.
  10. Okenyon

    XF 1.5 Notifications appear as admin in top toolbar

    Hey guys, I've forgotten how to turn these on for my admin use: Thanks.
  11. Okenyon

    Experienced Developer Wanted. [PAID]

    I own several forums and I'm constantly wanting work done, I have my go to guys but sometimes they're busy on other projects. Please inbox me your rates and portfolio along with your Skype handle. I need work doing most week, thank you.
  12. Okenyon

    Style [PAID] Custom User Field and Postbit.

    Brief: Version: 1.5 Please inbox me your price/timeline.
  13. Okenyon

    Permissions Setup

    I'd like to provide someone with admin cp logins and a check list of what each user group should/shouldn't do. They should go in and set all permissions and check + confirm. Inbox now.
  14. Okenyon

    Add-on AdsManager Setup.

    Done this already, thank you.
  15. Okenyon

    Add-on AdsManager Setup.

    Hey guys, I just purchased the ads manager by Sirupo. I’d like a quote for you to setup it up fully for me please. Can you please watch the video brief and let me know. Forum: Video Brief: What do you need from...
  16. Okenyon

    Add-on Ads manager?

    Hey guys, is there an ads manager plugin for 1x that actually enables an advertisement page on your forum whereby people can view and buy available ad placements? Thanks.
  17. Okenyon

    Best plugins and hacks to incentivise sign ups.

    Hey guys, one of our forums has roughly 20k uniques a month yet we only see 100 people on average sign up. What have you found the best incentives, techniques, plugins etc to get people to register? Thanks.
  18. Okenyon

    XF 1.5 Email invalid when it isn't.

    Everything seems to be working fine. But on the hourly cron job task it keeps flagging the account as invalid and moving them to awaiting confirmation user group so they can't post even tho their email is valid.
  19. Okenyon

    XF 1.5 Email invalid when it isn't.

    Hey guys, anyone else experienced this? Really need a fix please here.
  20. Okenyon

    XF 1.5 Email invalid when it isn't.

    We have a few users who's emails keep moving to invalid and therefore cannot post etc even tho their emails are in fine working order. How do we combat this please?