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  1. lazy llama

    Lack of interest Moderator Thread Actions: Include approval and spam cleaner actions

    If a thread is put into moderation and subsequently approved, or if a thread is soft-deleted through the spam cleaner the action is not listed when you view the Moderator Actions for that thread. (At least I don't think it is). It would make it easier to see who had approved a thread or...
  2. lazy llama

    [Llama] Conversation Reply Permission

    lazy llama submitted a new resource: [Llama] Conversation Reply Permission - Adds a permission to allow/prevent user from replying to Personal Conversations Read more about this resource...
  3. lazy llama

    [Llama] Thread Rotate

    lazy llama submitted a new resource: [Llama] Thread Rotate - Lock a thread and start a new similar thread from Thread Tools Read more about this resource...
  4. lazy llama

    Setting new permission values during add-on install

    Is there any way of setting usergroup permission values for a new permission during the installation of an add-on? Preferably a way that won't make my tiny brain melt into a puddle of goo. I've got a new permission that I'd like to be set to match an existing permission when the add-on is...
  5. lazy llama

    As designed Plus stripped from link text of autoconverted URL

    Very minor but I don't think it's done deliberately. If I enter or similar URL with a '+' in the query string of the URL into a post, the autoconversion seems to replace the '+' in the link text with a space.
  6. lazy llama

    Enhanced Report/Request system

    This covers some of the same areas as other suggestions. For larger boards, the quantity of reports coming in can be difficult to manage and prioritise. It would be useful to let users assign classifications (or even prefixes) within the report e.g. Spam, Thread Move request, Be Aware etc...
  7. lazy llama

    Lack of interest Change Navigation popup so it removes items in L-to-R order

    If you have, say, 4 items in the navigation submenu bar: When the screen width is too narrow to display all the items the responsive design switches to with "..." being a popup menu holding "Item One". As it gets narrow more items are removed from the left-hand side. So you get: with "..."...
  8. lazy llama

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Remove Conversation titles from URLs

    It's not really a major issue, but Private Conversation titles aren't as private as they could be. They show up in anything which tracks URLs, e.g. referrer logs, company proxies. As Private Conversations aren't going to benefit from SEO, it isn't really necessary to include the title in the...
  9. lazy llama

    Fixed Custom Warning: Title length limit not checked

    If you go to warn a user, select a Custom Warning and put more than 150 characters in the text box you get a server error: Just needs a length check before writing it to the database. Not an exciting bug, and only mods or admins will experience it.
  10. lazy llama

    Which seal is the right seal?

    This is the seal in question:
  11. lazy llama

    Rejoining a conversation you have left

    Is there any way to rejoin a conversation which you have left and selected the "no responses" option? Some of our users use conversations as an informal private thread, but want to stop receiving responses when they are away on holiday etc. If they leave, as far as I can see, there's no way...
  12. lazy llama

    Copy Search Box input to Advanced Search

    If you are entering text into the reply box and hit the "More Options..." button, the content that you've entered is copied to the editor on the full editor page. I'd like the same to happen if you're using the top right quick Search box and hit the "More..." option; that any search text and...
  13. lazy llama

    Fixed 1.1 b5 - Customized Style Components on Outdated Templates button broken

    It works in the normal style section but throws "The controller XenForo_ControllerAdmin_Style does not define an action called ShowCustomize" when access from the Outdates Templates admin page
  14. lazy llama

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Thread Auto-Split / Recurring Threads

    I've not thought this through too much but: Option to have threads auto-split at a certain number of posts Option to have threads auto-split at a certain period of time, usually monthly. This could be set by admins as a thread option. The type of threads I'm thinking of are "Photo Competition"...