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  1. Philip Morton

    Problem upgrading to Beta 6 with an existing Beta 5 database

    I'm trying to upgrade Beta 5 to Beta 6. I made a mistake in my file upload, so deleted all of the files off of the server and uploaded a fresh, full install package of Beta 6. Now when I go to the forums, it wants to install again and wipe the (Beta 5) database. I want it to keep the data and...
  2. Philip Morton

    Adding your own buttons to the editor

    I have my own BBCode thanks to the 'BBCode Manager' add-on and I'd like to add buttons to the editor so that it inserts some BBCode. Are there any guides/tutorials for how to do this?
  3. Philip Morton

    XF new thread icon = FB notes icon?

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, but isn't XenForo's new thread icon identical to Facebook's Notes icon?
  4. Philip Morton

    Performance compared to vBulletin?

    Hi, My biggest problem with vBulletin (3.8) is its performance. When you have a lot of posts, especially topics with thousands of replies, MySQL queries can take over a minute and crash the server. Recently I've had to actively seek out longer topics (2k+ replies) and stop them before they...