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  1. middlewingnut

    user_authenticate -> remember_key?

    Hi all, I've got a script that will run through my old forum and import the users, with their passwords (luckily for me, the old database had a plain-text copy). I've tested it and it works nicely, but can anyone tell me what data should go in the member_key field of the xf_user_authenticate...
  2. middlewingnut

    Importing Users from Spreassheet (ex-proprietry forum)

    Hi all, I have searched for this, but not found anything too helpful. I (finally) have sn SQL table of user information from an old proprietry forum that I need to import. It is not a VBB or PHPBB format. It does have loads of similar fields. I'm trying really hard not to hack into the...
  3. middlewingnut

    <xen:if clause in a template

    Hi All, I just can't get this to work - I want to do something based on the current url. So far I have: <xen:if is={$requestPaths.requestUri} == '/index.php?pages/homepage/'> My HTML </xen:if> When I go to save the template, I get an error...
  4. middlewingnut

    Adding Custom javascript file (or functions)

    Hi all, So my brand new XF installation is going great. I love it. Unfortunately (for me) I really need to have some dynamic content in a page node. This page is to become the main homepage when people get to the site. I appreciate that php includes or content are not an option within the...
  5. middlewingnut

    Buying License - Can I create a dev version on local server too?

    Hi, This may be a silly question, but I'm not normally in charge of purchasing. We would always normally setup a development copy of the site as well as the live version. Looking at the licensing options, I only want a single license, but can I install xenforo on the live and dev servers with...