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  1. Morgain

    Nice to get back to XF1 after being on XF2

    Noticeably a great feeling of relief to return here after being on the demo board for XF2. Part of that is the comfortable familiarity - which shouldn't be underestimated. Our users too like to feel ah yes this is my familiar place. But it's also that XF2 is so BARE. Like being in a modern...
  2. Morgain

    XF 1.5 Root node category strip

    I have four key nodes (2 links and 2 node pages) at the top of my node tree, at root (no parent). They automatically generate a narrow categoryStrip (beige bar). How can I Hide that bar - but only that one on that page? So far what I do makes ALL the cat bars disappear!
  3. Morgain

    XF 1.5 Login access per usergroup

    How can I direct my main usergroups to login to a node which suits their needs? Is this in XF? Or is there an addon? I have 5 main usergroups which control access. I want each to land on a node which suits their main needs. EDIT Have seen elsewhere not part of XF (why? would be so helpful for...
  4. Morgain

    XF 1.5 Hide "Inbox" (Conversations disabled)

    I have disabled Conversations on this board so how do I hide the Inbox tab on the navbar?
  5. Morgain

    XF 1.5 Display username in page node content

    I remember there was a snippet I could use to display a username. I can't find it in my notes nor by searching here. Please could you remind me. Also can I put this in a page node?
  6. Morgain

    XF 1.2 Delete all attachments before selected date

    Would it be possible to delete all attachments on a forum install before a selected date? say Jan. 2013. How? How do I get someone to safely do it? It's crucial to keep the last year or two of stuff. It's a very old XF (which I dare not upgrade because I need a key addon on it to function)...
  7. Morgain

    XF Page + php

    I want to put a feed into an XF Page from a site where I hold a bibliography of listings. But I don't understand how to enter their php snippet under the PHP tab on the XF Page. The PHP snippet I should enter is: <?php $URL=...
  8. Morgain

    XF 1.2 profile page 2 columns

    I would like to make the main content area on the profile page into 2 columns. ... col 1 the existing wall of profile posts and comments ... col 2 = Recent Activity (currently under a tab) Can anyone give me the template code? Or better, an EXTRA addition?
  9. Morgain

    Add-on Profile page displays forum posts (snippets)

    This idea comes from using a ning based site and how enjoyable it was - as good as XF!!! But its goodies could easily be done on XF. Recent Activity on the XF Profile tab needs to show openly on the front of the Profile page, together with the current Profile posts + comments, in latest item...
  10. Morgain

    Better Profile + Chat + Forums integration

    I do not enjoy other types of forums as XF is so superior. But I have been shocked to discover a type of community which has quick, sleek connections very much in the spirit of XF - but XF lacks these features. They integrate the Profile page with Your Content, and a popup chat allows lively...
  11. Morgain

    XF 1.2 Moving posts/ merging thread

    I've lost track of how to do this. On the older versions I could do it but on my 1.2 when I select a post to Move it, all I can do is select a forum to move it to. It's already in the right forum but is an unnecessary thread so I want to move it on to an existing thread.
  12. Morgain

    XF 1.2 Small css help

    Bottom of the Conversations dropdown I need to change the colour of the two links - locally not changing color palette or styple props. I've forgotten how to construct this for Extra.css - could someone please convert this. <div class="Menu JsOnly navPopup" id="ConversationsMenu"...
  13. Morgain

    XF 1.2 Import and integrate another forum

    I have a friend who is running a small forum on phbb but he wants to discontinue his website. Would it be possible to import his forum to mine (on XF 1.2) ? with his members and posts, to make a subsection or Category on mine? It's very small so I don't mind how the stuff arrives I can move...
  14. Morgain

    XF 1.1 Attachment size per usergroup, per user

    On one board I have we all exchange a lot of document attachments so I limit the upload to 1Mb to limit overall webspace used. But to do their job a few staff members need to provide users with documents containing helpful support images which increases the size of the document file a lot...
  15. Morgain

    XF 1.2 'New member' group moderated

    Where can I set my 'new member' group to be moderated please? On the usergroup settings there's plenty to grant moderator abilities, but no option for user posts to be moderated.
  16. Morgain

    XF 1.2 Colour of node title link on nodelist

    I've tried various things but nothing affects the colour of the node title link on the node list. I can change the colour of the Link Forum titles, but not forum titles.
  17. Morgain

    XF 1.0 XF Version?

    Where is it displayed which version of XF a site uses? (I have one site running an older version and cannot see where the version number is shown)
  18. Morgain

    XF 1.2 Import a second forum

    My newest XF is as yet an empty shell. I have the structure of the categories, and their forums; and Ive put a starter thread in each forum, but have not invited any members. A colleague has been running a tiny forum on the same topic as mine, with about 20 members using phpBB But he is going...
  19. Morgain

    Lack of interest Resource link 'New Posts' -> Overview if first view

    When I see a new Resource - or one I've not noticed before - on New Posts, it's always an annoyance that the link takes me to the Resource discussion thread. To see what the resource is al about I have to wait for that page to load, then go to Overview. Lots and lots of recurring irritable...
  20. Morgain

    XF 1.1 Upload file process

    When I try to upload a file on any XF forums - my own which are either 1.15 or 1.2 - and here - I can call the dialogue and browse to the file. But then the dialogue box either hangs or it switches to "No file selected." If I click Close, and post, the post appears with the attachment on it...